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SUCCESS gutter child

Surya Paloh, 40, was born in the Land Rencong, in an area that was never colonized by the Dutch. He grew up in Siantar, North Sumatra, in the area

that gave rise to such large figures TB Simatupang, Adam Malik, Parada Harahap, AM Sipahutar, Harun Nasution. He became a businessman in the city of Medan, which raised the PNI leaders and business leaders TD Pardede. Political activity that led to Surya Paloh moved to Jakarta, became members of the Assembly two terms. It is precisely in this metropolitan city, then known as Surya Paloh a young entrepreneur Indonesia.

Surya Paloh know the business world when she was a teenager. School while he was traded tea, dried fish, jute sacks, etc.. He bought it from two people 'toke' best friends in the business world as well as his teacher, and then sold to some small tavern or to the estate (PTP-PTP). In Medan, Surya Paloh established body of a car company as well as a car sales agent.

While trade, Surya Paloh also pursue studies at the Faculty of Law Faculty of the University of North Sumatra and Social Politics, University of North Sumater Islam, Medan. In the famous loud and chaotic, the desire to organize that has developed since the city Siantar, flourished in him. The situation at the time, was active in directing their mass organizations are equally opposed to the government policy of any of the old order. Surya Paloh become one of the leaders of the Indonesian Student Youth Action Unit (KAPPI)

After KAPPI disbanded, he became the Coordinator of Youth and Students in the Joint Secretariat Golkar. Several years later, Surya Paloh Son-Daughter organization founded Armed Forces (ABRI-PP), and then he became the TS-Armed Forces of North Sumatra. In fact this organization, in 1978, established with other military children, at the center of Jakarta, known as the Son-Daughter Communication Forum Retired Indonesia (FKPPI).

Awareness that in any political activity should be no money for living expenses and the cost of the fight, cause he had to work hard for money, to set up the company or sell various types of services. He founded the catering company, later known
as the largest catering company in Indonesia. His success as an entrepreneur catering, causing it to be more active learning increase knowledge and experience, while increasing its activities in the organization.

Down on that success, he saw an opportunity in the business press publications. Surya Paloh establish priorities Daily Newspapers. Newspaper is printed in color, hard sell. Familiar with such a broad audience to the regions. Unfortunately, the daily newspaper was not very long, pull the trigger on his SIUPP by the government. Contents is considered less in accordance with the Code of Ethics of Journalism Indonesia.

Despite the business press publications have a high risk, for Surya Paloh, the field remains an attractive business area. He pleaded SIUPP new, however, after two years was also out. His interest in the business press can not be prevented, he was working with Achmad Taufik Revive Vista Magazine. In 1989, Surya Paloh in collaboration with Drs. T. Shah manages Yously Media Indonesia newspaper. The consent of the owner and Pemrednya Yously, bringing the Media Indonesia Surya Paloh to Listed Building. The presentation and form of the newspaper logo was made as late Priorities.

This paper advances, leading to Surya Paloh more excited to expand into a variety of media in the region. Besides Vista Media Indonesia and published in Jakarta, Surya Paloh work published ten publications in the area.

At a young age, 33 years, Surya Paloh cateringnya dare to entrust the business managers who are prepared. Catering market has been mastered, and he became the best in the business. Then, he looked for new challenges, go into the business press. In fact, the business press was the world he did not know before that. Journalism is also not a profession, but he dared to enter this world, which seems to enter the market is already saturated. It competes with Scholastic Publishing Group, led by Major Jacob, a senior journalist. Kartini he was confronted with dozens of groups who have entered the publishing business. He did not hesitate to post an orchestrated Harmoko City Group, former Menpen RI. In fact, he did not fear Grafisi Group is backed up by well-known businessman Ir. Ciputra, Jaya Group boss.

Despite the market conditions of the press was so crowded with competition. Surya Paloh not budge one bit. He even dared to risk capital in relatively large quantities, by doing new breakthroughs unusual

done by previous employers. By printing color for example. He dared to face the risk of loss or bankruptcy. He is very creative and innovative. And he succeeded.

Surya Paloh paper presents a national priority in the international press with several advantages. First, the first page and last page in color printing. Second, the disclosure of information seem interesting and daring. When the photos are presented with a serious work. The factors that led to this paper in a short time, reached a circulation of over 100 thousand copies. Less than a year, its break-even point has been reached.

Priority is always a threat to haunt it not for bankruptcy, but the revocation SIUPP by the government. It turned out, the threat is coming too. The priority in the newspapers die too early. Preaching is considered rude and bare. This is the toughest ever experienced risk Surya Paloh. He not only lost a source of money, but he must also think about investing debt payments.

In a very difficult atmosphere, he did not despair. He attempted to pay the salaries of all employees of Priority, while preparing new SIUPP request from the government. But the government's request was not granted. Some journalists are still impatient, unwilling to move to Elsewhere, Surya Paloh sent to the various management agencies to learn.

The press does have the power, in the West, he was known as the four institutions after the legislative, judicial and executive. Moreover, the greatness of figures from different disciplines or figures in society, often because of the role of the press who publish them. How a character is recognized by society at large, when he was in a boycott by the press. Thus, the business press is prestigious, giving pride, strength and power. And, it's business Surya Paloh.

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