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 Who is the king of the hospitality sector property in Indonesia? Spontaneously undoubtedly people will answer: Sukamdani Sahid Gitosardjono. Yes, although Sukamdani recently released a position as director of PT Hotel Sahid Jaya International (HSJI) and now entrust the job to former president director of PT Telkom Setyanto P. Santosa, but no doubt deserve it deserves Sukamdani dubbed the king of hotels in the country. Boned and burly man was smiling now have 2350 hotel rooms. Tissue lining the hotel from Lampung to Sorong in Irian Jaya. And, after two new hotel in Senggigi Lombok and Ujung Pandang finished, complete 2750 Sukamdani hotel rooms business network. This number to 14 hotels, ranging from three star to five star diamond.

Not only that. There are many national employers' ambitions in the property. Adjacent to the headquarters of his business at Sahid Jaya Hotel & Tower now, immediately also built the Grand Sahid Plaza. International hotels with a total floor 50 it will be the tallest hotel in Indonesia. Not to mention two Istana Sahid Apartment tower, 26th floor, which looks more classy. Hotel

and the apartment is a giant pillar of a larger project: Superblock Sahid. Not only in Jakarta in Ujung Pandang was Sukamdani currently preparing the first superblock outside Java. In this city he worked with Yusuf Kalla conglomerate.

Once the major projects completed all Sahid Group, will establish Sukamdani as one of the king of this country property. Moreover, specialized in hotel management, Sukamdani manajamen hotel ambition to market overseas. Sukamdani is also an angry, hotels in Indonesia are managed by foreign management, even though the hotel was built with funds from local sources. More than 30 hotels are handled by the foreign management. We are as a nation do? Sukamdani said the voice.

We have the capital. First, the spirit of a nation. Secondly, we've got the assets of its own 14 hotels (from 3 star to 5 diamonds). Third, we already have the organization and experience in managing hotels. Fourth, we have the trust of the community. Fifth, we have access to markets both at home and abroad. We have 30 years to mange-hotel. With his experience we already have access to the market.

For that, we also have people who are able to manage the hotel. Of the 12 hotels that now exists, which hire foreign workers only Sahid Jaya Hotel. Our other hotel is the people of Indonesia. They started careers, some even from the doorman, office boy and the room boy, now many have become general manager.

Sukamdani born in Solo, March 14, 1928. Childhood lived in Sukohardjo, Solo, When Sukamdanii small, the life her parents are concerned. Father R. Sahid Djogosentono seam open a business. Was his mother opened a small shop that sells snacks. In the age of 8 years, Sukamdani had helped his parents make a living. In addition to helping his father, he also helped his mother sell. "For the purposes of preparing the merchandise, to market my shop to buy soap, tea, tobacco, bananas and coconuts," Sukamdani story. Each time the merchandise sold, tipping his mother. The money saved. If it's a lot Sukamdani buy chicken. "If the chicken is a lot, I sell and buy a goat. After a lot of my goat, I'm selling to buy a buffalo, "he recalls. School holidays at the moment Sukamdani assist in harvesting rice paddies.

In 1952, young Sukamdani migrated to Jakarta to improve the lot, time off the train in Gambir station, its capital is just a suitcase and a bicycle. He had worked at the Ministry of Home Affairs. But the consideration of income, and went out and worked in printing The Hope NV. With a mediocre income, Sukamdani Juliah dare marry, her boyfriend at the time of Solo. The couple rented a house walled gedeg. Only a single room measuring 3 x 3.

Because of the tenacity, especially after opening his own printing business, Sukamdani managed to buy the land where he had rented the house. And, the land, no other home to the Hotel Sahid Jaya is now on Jalan Sudirman. "Back home I am here," recalls Sukamdani.

Hard work and perseverance eventually drove him as king of hospitality properties. Besides business, Sukamdani active in various organizations. He was also the recipient of 15 medals and decorations, from the government of Indonesia as well as from friendly countries.
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SUCCESS gutter child

Surya Paloh, 40, was born in the Land Rencong, in an area that was never colonized by the Dutch. He grew up in Siantar, North Sumatra, in the area

that gave rise to such large figures TB Simatupang, Adam Malik, Parada Harahap, AM Sipahutar, Harun Nasution. He became a businessman in the city of Medan, which raised the PNI leaders and business leaders TD Pardede. Political activity that led to Surya Paloh moved to Jakarta, became members of the Assembly two terms. It is precisely in this metropolitan city, then known as Surya Paloh a young entrepreneur Indonesia.

Surya Paloh know the business world when she was a teenager. School while he was traded tea, dried fish, jute sacks, etc.. He bought it from two people 'toke' best friends in the business world as well as his teacher, and then sold to some small tavern or to the estate (PTP-PTP). In Medan, Surya Paloh established body of a car company as well as a car sales agent.

While trade, Surya Paloh also pursue studies at the Faculty of Law Faculty of the University of North Sumatra and Social Politics, University of North Sumater Islam, Medan. In the famous loud and chaotic, the desire to organize that has developed since the city Siantar, flourished in him. The situation at the time, was active in directing their mass organizations are equally opposed to the government policy of any of the old order. Surya Paloh become one of the leaders of the Indonesian Student Youth Action Unit (KAPPI)

After KAPPI disbanded, he became the Coordinator of Youth and Students in the Joint Secretariat Golkar. Several years later, Surya Paloh Son-Daughter organization founded Armed Forces (ABRI-PP), and then he became the TS-Armed Forces of North Sumatra. In fact this organization, in 1978, established with other military children, at the center of Jakarta, known as the Son-Daughter Communication Forum Retired Indonesia (FKPPI).

Awareness that in any political activity should be no money for living expenses and the cost of the fight, cause he had to work hard for money, to set up the company or sell various types of services. He founded the catering company, later known
as the largest catering company in Indonesia. His success as an entrepreneur catering, causing it to be more active learning increase knowledge and experience, while increasing its activities in the organization.

Down on that success, he saw an opportunity in the business press publications. Surya Paloh establish priorities Daily Newspapers. Newspaper is printed in color, hard sell. Familiar with such a broad audience to the regions. Unfortunately, the daily newspaper was not very long, pull the trigger on his SIUPP by the government. Contents is considered less in accordance with the Code of Ethics of Journalism Indonesia.

Despite the business press publications have a high risk, for Surya Paloh, the field remains an attractive business area. He pleaded SIUPP new, however, after two years was also out. His interest in the business press can not be prevented, he was working with Achmad Taufik Revive Vista Magazine. In 1989, Surya Paloh in collaboration with Drs. T. Shah manages Yously Media Indonesia newspaper. The consent of the owner and Pemrednya Yously, bringing the Media Indonesia Surya Paloh to Listed Building. The presentation and form of the newspaper logo was made as late Priorities.

This paper advances, leading to Surya Paloh more excited to expand into a variety of media in the region. Besides Vista Media Indonesia and published in Jakarta, Surya Paloh work published ten publications in the area.

At a young age, 33 years, Surya Paloh cateringnya dare to entrust the business managers who are prepared. Catering market has been mastered, and he became the best in the business. Then, he looked for new challenges, go into the business press. In fact, the business press was the world he did not know before that. Journalism is also not a profession, but he dared to enter this world, which seems to enter the market is already saturated. It competes with Scholastic Publishing Group, led by Major Jacob, a senior journalist. Kartini he was confronted with dozens of groups who have entered the publishing business. He did not hesitate to post an orchestrated Harmoko City Group, former Menpen RI. In fact, he did not fear Grafisi Group is backed up by well-known businessman Ir. Ciputra, Jaya Group boss.

Despite the market conditions of the press was so crowded with competition. Surya Paloh not budge one bit. He even dared to risk capital in relatively large quantities, by doing new breakthroughs unusual

done by previous employers. By printing color for example. He dared to face the risk of loss or bankruptcy. He is very creative and innovative. And he succeeded.

Surya Paloh paper presents a national priority in the international press with several advantages. First, the first page and last page in color printing. Second, the disclosure of information seem interesting and daring. When the photos are presented with a serious work. The factors that led to this paper in a short time, reached a circulation of over 100 thousand copies. Less than a year, its break-even point has been reached.

Priority is always a threat to haunt it not for bankruptcy, but the revocation SIUPP by the government. It turned out, the threat is coming too. The priority in the newspapers die too early. Preaching is considered rude and bare. This is the toughest ever experienced risk Surya Paloh. He not only lost a source of money, but he must also think about investing debt payments.

In a very difficult atmosphere, he did not despair. He attempted to pay the salaries of all employees of Priority, while preparing new SIUPP request from the government. But the government's request was not granted. Some journalists are still impatient, unwilling to move to Elsewhere, Surya Paloh sent to the various management agencies to learn.

The press does have the power, in the West, he was known as the four institutions after the legislative, judicial and executive. Moreover, the greatness of figures from different disciplines or figures in society, often because of the role of the press who publish them. How a character is recognized by society at large, when he was in a boycott by the press. Thus, the business press is prestigious, giving pride, strength and power. And, it's business Surya Paloh.
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Mochtar Riady many people know as a practitioner and a topnotch banking conglomerate visionary, his views are far ahead and loaded with the philosophy of being a role model many of the businessmen and traders.

This time we will highlight the course of pursuing success, which of course is not as easy as imagined by many people.

Mochtar Riady had dreams of becoming a banker at the age of 10 years. Riady interests in Malang born on 12 May 1929 This is because every day when going to school, he always passes through a magnificent building that houses the office of the Nederlandsche Handels Bank (NHB) and saw the bank clerk who dress gallant and look busy. Riady is the son of a merchant batik. In 1947, Riady was arrested by the Dutch government and the waste to Nanking, China, where he then took a philosophy course at the University of Nanking. However, because there is war, Riady went to Hong Kong until 1950 and then returned to Indonesia.

Riady is still really want to be a banker, but his father does not support as a banker by profession his father only for the rich, while the condition of their family was very poor.In 1951 he married a woman from muddy, by law, Riady was given responsibility for the care of a small shop. Within three years Riady has been able to advance the shop-in-law became the largest in the town of Jember. Her goal is really to be a banker to make it to decide to go to Jakarta in 1954, although at that time he did not have an acquaintance there and was opposed by his family. Riady principle that if a tree planted in pots or in the house will never be high, but it would be otherwise if planted in a large area.

To seek relationships, Riady worked in a CV at Jalan Hayam Wuruk for six months, then he worked on a importer, at the same time he was working with his small boat to do business. Until then, Riady still really want to be a banker, at any time to meet a relative, he always expressed his desire. One time he let his friend if there is a bank which again exposed the problem and offered to fix it, Riady did not waste the opportunity at that time even though he has no experience though. Andi convinced Riady Gappa, the troubled owner of Prosperity Bank so that he was appointed a director in the bank.

On the first day as director, Riady very dizzy looking balance sheet, he can not how to read and understand it, but Riady pretend to understand at the accounting personnel. Throughout the night he tried to learn and understand the balance sheet, but in vain, and he asked for help a friend who worked at Standard Chartered Bank to teach him, but still did not understand.

Finally he come clean on its employees and Pak Andi Gappa, of course they were quite surprised to hear it. Riady was a request for approval to work from scratch, starting from the clearing, cash, and checking account. Riady month-long learning and he finally understand the process of bookkeeping, and after paying a private tutor he finally understands what it's accounting. Then began he to sell the trust, only a year of Prosperity Bank have improved greatly and rapidly growing.

Once large enough, in 1964, Riady moved to Bank Buana, then in 1971, he moved to Bank Panin is a combination of Prosperity Bank, Industrial Bank Jaya, Indonesia Trade and Industry Bank.Mochtar Riady is almost always successful in developing a bank, he has a distinctive philosophy which he called Lie Yi Lian Dje. Lie means friendly, Yi has a good character, honesty, while Lian was Dje is to have a sense of shame. Riady and visionary far ahead often makes people wonder, he can quickly read the market situation and react too quickly.

One example when he managed to save the Bank Buana 1966. At that Indonesia is experiencing a crisis because Indonesia is at the macro-economic changes, when it was college night Riady in the UI, where he was introduced to some economic experts like Emil Salim, Ali Ward, et al. Riady soon realized and immediately change the policy direction of  Bank Buana.First, he cut interest rates from 20% to 12%, whereas at that time was all abuzz bank raised interest rates. Because of low interest rates are the customers who have not yet paid off credit obligations to pay immediately.

While the entrepreneur will borrow given the stringent requirements particularly in terms of security, but because the interest rate offered by Bank Buana very low compared to the others so many debtors who entered and did not hesitate to give a guarantee. That way the Bank Buana be healthy at the time when many clients and the bank is insolvent. With the automated people know who Mochtar Riady.Mochtar Riady, who was born in Malang, East Java, May 12, 1929 was the founder of the Lippo Group, a group that has more than 50 subsidiary companies. The total number of employees is estimated at more than 50 thousand people. Company's activities not only in Indonesia, but also present in the Asia Pacific region, especially in Hong Kong, Guang Zhou, Fujian, and Shanghai.

History of the Lippo Group began when Mochtar Riady who have Chinese names, Lie Mo Tie buy some shares in Indonesia's Bank of Commerce Haji Hashim Ning in 1981. When purchased, Hashim family-owned bank assets have been reduced to only about Rp 16.3 billion.Mochtar itself at that time was occupied important positions in Bank Central Asia, a bank established by Liem Sioe Liong family. He joined the BCA in 1975 to leave the Bank Panin.In the BCA Mochtar get your share of 17.5 per cent stake and a confidant of Liem Sioe Liong. Mochtar joined BCA as an asset only Rp 12.8 billion. Mochtar just out of the BCA in late 1990 and when it is already in the bank's assets over Rp 5 trillion.

Joined by Hashim Ning makes it vibrant. In 1987, after he joined, the assets of Bank of Commerce Indonesia shot up more than 1,500 percent to Rp 257.73 billion. It wowed the national banks. He was dubbed as The Magic Man of Bank Marketing. Two years later, in 1989, this bank merged with Asia Commercial Bank and since then born Lippobank. This is the forerunner of the Lippo Group. Lippo Group currently has five branches of business are: 

1. Financial services: banking, mutual funds, insurance,management assets, securities
2. Property and urban development: integrated satellite cities,housing, condominiums, entertainment centers  
    and shopping, office and industrial areas. 
3. Development of infrastructure such as power plants, gas production, distribution, construction of 
     highways, construction of water supply, and communications infrastructure.
4. Industry which includes electronic components industry, automotive parts, cement, porcelain, coal and  
    gas earth. Through Lippo Industries, the group is also active in producing electronic components such as 
    refrigerators and air conditioners Mitsubishi brand. While the automotive components company, led      
    Mochtar was successfully producing cord gear.
5. Industries that include industrial components electronics, automotive components, cement 
    industry, porcelain, coal and natural gas. Through Lippo Industries, This group is also active in producing 
    electronic components such as Mitsubishi refrigerators and air conditioners. While the 
    component Mochtar  led automotive companies are successful producing gear cable.
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Tough mechanic
 the Japanese auto industry boss Soichiro Honda was born on 17 November 1906 in Iwatagun (now Tenrryu City) is isolated in Shizuoka prefecture. Chubu region between Tokyo, Kyoto and Nara in Honshu Island which was originally full of neat tea plant, which interrupted it came planted with a delicious strawberry. But now Honda has been swallowed by the birth of Hamamatsu is the largest city in the province.

Honda Gihei His father was a blacksmith-turned-entrepreneur bicycle repair shop, while his mother named Mika, Soichiro eldest of nine children, but only four made it to adulthood. The others died in childhood due to shortage of drugs and also due to slums.

Although Honda Gihei poor, but he likes to renewal. When it appears mouthpiece of Western capital, he did not hesitate to replace the traditional cigaret pipe is bent, do not care about his neighbors think it strange. Apparently it's nature and also the skill to handle the machine down on her eldest son.

Before entering the school was Soichiro was happy, helping his father in an iron workshop. He was also very fascinated to see and hear dengum rice milling which is located a few kilometers from his village.Low achievement in school. Honda claims-ulangannya replicates poorly. He does not like to read, while the writing feels very hard.

Not infrequently he is absent. "Even now I am more efficient learning from TV than from reading. If I read, nothing stuck to the brain, "he said.

When it was grade five and six, Soichiro talent stood out in the field of science. Although it was only a dozen years, but in science classes in Japan has raised objects such as batteries, scales, test tubes and machines. Soichiro easily capture the information the teacher and he easily answers.

Some time before that, for the first time Soichiro saw the car. "When I forget everything. I chased the car and managed to cling briefly behind. When the car stopped, the oil drips onto the ground. I kiss the ground that dibasahinya. Maybe I just like a dog's behavior. Then I wipe the grease on your hands and arms. Perhaps at that moment in my heart the desire to someday make his own car. Since then there is sometimes a car coming to our village. Every time I hear the roar of the car, I ran into the street, no matter at that time was holding my sister. "

Soichiro had only attended school for ten years. After graduating from elementary school, bad boy was sent to secondary schools in Futumata not far from his residence. Graduated from high school, he returned to his father's house. Gihei Honda have already switched from a blacksmith into a bike shop entrepreneur. Gihei Honda has magazine The World of Wheels Soichiro read with great interest.

In the magazine an auto repair shop of Tokyo put up ads looking for employees. Soichiro hastily proposed and she accepted. Although the father is worried, but Soichiro also ushered into the great city.Honda almost did not believe in her ears while waiting for Honda to feel called upon to learn to be a mechanic that really is the most severe test of fortitude, who had faced in his life. In the days after that he was no longer afraid to face any obstacle thanks to the perseverance he earned during his lackeys.Honda's long career did not know much about money, just get a little profit that first year. But Honda was lucky because his workshop a success.

He decided to save money during his tenure and estimates will be able to collect up to 1,000 yen.Honda famous during his life as an inventor. He holds the patent of more than 100 personal discovery. The first, the discovery is the technique of making car radius of the metal. When the cars in Japan using the radius of flammable wood. Japanese firms immediately exporting the metal fingers to India. At age 25 he gained 1,000 yen profit a month.

The Company also appreciate the young people and are always recruiting young people to give "new blood" and fresh ideas. When Honda withdrew in 1973, was chosen as a replacement for Kyoshi Kawashima, head of Honda's research enterprise. During its history, the company has experienced strikes Honda only once in 1954. When the Honda and management on the one hand facing younger workers and Honda in the other Contracting Party. But as companies in Japan like everything was resolved by consensus.

Since 1973, Honda moved to a four-wheeled vehicle market to continue to develop the company's total income. Honda staff are on the increase 10% every year. When they get older, it means the company will increase the weight load. Though Honda faces heavy competition in the domestic market and abroad.To continue to create new market they should always look for unique and efficient techniques as well as selling products at competitive prices. However, when Honda and Fujisawa resigned in the fall of 1973, Honda said, "I could retreat without feeling worried, because I believe the company will move forward with passion, overcoming the difficulties and flexible, without losing its freshness."

"Quite frankly I feel young in terms of mental and physical," said Honda. "I guess you can not win from me. But now I must admit I often feel jealous of the young people. I was told that in America the general corporate leaders aged 40 -'s and led the company's 60-year-old often stagnated. We now are entering a new era that requires new values. Although I and the deputy leader of the public felt we were young, we thought our life was over for the lead. "

If I look back, I see that I've made nothing but mistakes, a series of failures and a spate of regret, "said Honda. "But I am also pleased for my success. Although I often make mistakes and failures, but it never caused by the same thing. I never repeat my mistakes and always strive to improve themselves. In this I succeeded.

"He still holds the largest stake in the company. When he resigned in 1973 earnings approaching $ 1.7 billion. Although retired his talk was heard. He said, the future of Japanese industry is not determined by to fast, but by the quality of the goods that we make and their effects on the interests of human beings. If we make the stuff that causes much pollution you will probably be profitable, but only briefly, after it went bankrupt.

We at Honda used to joke: Nice to have company - a large company that works just thinking about it a nice profit. As a result, small companies such as Honda had the opportunity to make good stuff
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