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 Who is the king of the hospitality sector property in Indonesia? Spontaneously undoubtedly people will answer: Sukamdani Sahid Gitosardjono. Yes, although Sukamdani recently released a position as director of PT Hotel Sahid Jaya International (HSJI) and now entrust the job to former president director of PT Telkom Setyanto P. Santosa, but no doubt deserve it deserves Sukamdani dubbed the king of hotels in the country. Boned and burly man was smiling now have 2350 hotel rooms. Tissue lining the hotel from Lampung to Sorong in Irian Jaya. And, after two new hotel in Senggigi Lombok and Ujung Pandang finished, complete 2750 Sukamdani hotel rooms business network. This number to 14 hotels, ranging from three star to five star diamond.

Not only that. There are many national employers' ambitions in the property. Adjacent to the headquarters of his business at Sahid Jaya Hotel & Tower now, immediately also built the Grand Sahid Plaza. International hotels with a total floor 50 it will be the tallest hotel in Indonesia. Not to mention two Istana Sahid Apartment tower, 26th floor, which looks more classy. Hotel

and the apartment is a giant pillar of a larger project: Superblock Sahid. Not only in Jakarta in Ujung Pandang was Sukamdani currently preparing the first superblock outside Java. In this city he worked with Yusuf Kalla conglomerate.

Once the major projects completed all Sahid Group, will establish Sukamdani as one of the king of this country property. Moreover, specialized in hotel management, Sukamdani manajamen hotel ambition to market overseas. Sukamdani is also an angry, hotels in Indonesia are managed by foreign management, even though the hotel was built with funds from local sources. More than 30 hotels are handled by the foreign management. We are as a nation do? Sukamdani said the voice.

We have the capital. First, the spirit of a nation. Secondly, we've got the assets of its own 14 hotels (from 3 star to 5 diamonds). Third, we already have the organization and experience in managing hotels. Fourth, we have the trust of the community. Fifth, we have access to markets both at home and abroad. We have 30 years to mange-hotel. With his experience we already have access to the market.

For that, we also have people who are able to manage the hotel. Of the 12 hotels that now exists, which hire foreign workers only Sahid Jaya Hotel. Our other hotel is the people of Indonesia. They started careers, some even from the doorman, office boy and the room boy, now many have become general manager.

Sukamdani born in Solo, March 14, 1928. Childhood lived in Sukohardjo, Solo, When Sukamdanii small, the life her parents are concerned. Father R. Sahid Djogosentono seam open a business. Was his mother opened a small shop that sells snacks. In the age of 8 years, Sukamdani had helped his parents make a living. In addition to helping his father, he also helped his mother sell. "For the purposes of preparing the merchandise, to market my shop to buy soap, tea, tobacco, bananas and coconuts," Sukamdani story. Each time the merchandise sold, tipping his mother. The money saved. If it's a lot Sukamdani buy chicken. "If the chicken is a lot, I sell and buy a goat. After a lot of my goat, I'm selling to buy a buffalo, "he recalls. School holidays at the moment Sukamdani assist in harvesting rice paddies.

In 1952, young Sukamdani migrated to Jakarta to improve the lot, time off the train in Gambir station, its capital is just a suitcase and a bicycle. He had worked at the Ministry of Home Affairs. But the consideration of income, and went out and worked in printing The Hope NV. With a mediocre income, Sukamdani Juliah dare marry, her boyfriend at the time of Solo. The couple rented a house walled gedeg. Only a single room measuring 3 x 3.

Because of the tenacity, especially after opening his own printing business, Sukamdani managed to buy the land where he had rented the house. And, the land, no other home to the Hotel Sahid Jaya is now on Jalan Sudirman. "Back home I am here," recalls Sukamdani.

Hard work and perseverance eventually drove him as king of hospitality properties. Besides business, Sukamdani active in various organizations. He was also the recipient of 15 medals and decorations, from the government of Indonesia as well as from friendly countries.

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