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Mochtar Riady many people know as a practitioner and a topnotch banking conglomerate visionary, his views are far ahead and loaded with the philosophy of being a role model many of the businessmen and traders.

This time we will highlight the course of pursuing success, which of course is not as easy as imagined by many people.

Mochtar Riady had dreams of becoming a banker at the age of 10 years. Riady interests in Malang born on 12 May 1929 This is because every day when going to school, he always passes through a magnificent building that houses the office of the Nederlandsche Handels Bank (NHB) and saw the bank clerk who dress gallant and look busy. Riady is the son of a merchant batik. In 1947, Riady was arrested by the Dutch government and the waste to Nanking, China, where he then took a philosophy course at the University of Nanking. However, because there is war, Riady went to Hong Kong until 1950 and then returned to Indonesia.

Riady is still really want to be a banker, but his father does not support as a banker by profession his father only for the rich, while the condition of their family was very poor.In 1951 he married a woman from muddy, by law, Riady was given responsibility for the care of a small shop. Within three years Riady has been able to advance the shop-in-law became the largest in the town of Jember. Her goal is really to be a banker to make it to decide to go to Jakarta in 1954, although at that time he did not have an acquaintance there and was opposed by his family. Riady principle that if a tree planted in pots or in the house will never be high, but it would be otherwise if planted in a large area.

To seek relationships, Riady worked in a CV at Jalan Hayam Wuruk for six months, then he worked on a importer, at the same time he was working with his small boat to do business. Until then, Riady still really want to be a banker, at any time to meet a relative, he always expressed his desire. One time he let his friend if there is a bank which again exposed the problem and offered to fix it, Riady did not waste the opportunity at that time even though he has no experience though. Andi convinced Riady Gappa, the troubled owner of Prosperity Bank so that he was appointed a director in the bank.

On the first day as director, Riady very dizzy looking balance sheet, he can not how to read and understand it, but Riady pretend to understand at the accounting personnel. Throughout the night he tried to learn and understand the balance sheet, but in vain, and he asked for help a friend who worked at Standard Chartered Bank to teach him, but still did not understand.

Finally he come clean on its employees and Pak Andi Gappa, of course they were quite surprised to hear it. Riady was a request for approval to work from scratch, starting from the clearing, cash, and checking account. Riady month-long learning and he finally understand the process of bookkeeping, and after paying a private tutor he finally understands what it's accounting. Then began he to sell the trust, only a year of Prosperity Bank have improved greatly and rapidly growing.

Once large enough, in 1964, Riady moved to Bank Buana, then in 1971, he moved to Bank Panin is a combination of Prosperity Bank, Industrial Bank Jaya, Indonesia Trade and Industry Bank.Mochtar Riady is almost always successful in developing a bank, he has a distinctive philosophy which he called Lie Yi Lian Dje. Lie means friendly, Yi has a good character, honesty, while Lian was Dje is to have a sense of shame. Riady and visionary far ahead often makes people wonder, he can quickly read the market situation and react too quickly.

One example when he managed to save the Bank Buana 1966. At that Indonesia is experiencing a crisis because Indonesia is at the macro-economic changes, when it was college night Riady in the UI, where he was introduced to some economic experts like Emil Salim, Ali Ward, et al. Riady soon realized and immediately change the policy direction of  Bank Buana.First, he cut interest rates from 20% to 12%, whereas at that time was all abuzz bank raised interest rates. Because of low interest rates are the customers who have not yet paid off credit obligations to pay immediately.

While the entrepreneur will borrow given the stringent requirements particularly in terms of security, but because the interest rate offered by Bank Buana very low compared to the others so many debtors who entered and did not hesitate to give a guarantee. That way the Bank Buana be healthy at the time when many clients and the bank is insolvent. With the automated people know who Mochtar Riady.Mochtar Riady, who was born in Malang, East Java, May 12, 1929 was the founder of the Lippo Group, a group that has more than 50 subsidiary companies. The total number of employees is estimated at more than 50 thousand people. Company's activities not only in Indonesia, but also present in the Asia Pacific region, especially in Hong Kong, Guang Zhou, Fujian, and Shanghai.

History of the Lippo Group began when Mochtar Riady who have Chinese names, Lie Mo Tie buy some shares in Indonesia's Bank of Commerce Haji Hashim Ning in 1981. When purchased, Hashim family-owned bank assets have been reduced to only about Rp 16.3 billion.Mochtar itself at that time was occupied important positions in Bank Central Asia, a bank established by Liem Sioe Liong family. He joined the BCA in 1975 to leave the Bank Panin.In the BCA Mochtar get your share of 17.5 per cent stake and a confidant of Liem Sioe Liong. Mochtar joined BCA as an asset only Rp 12.8 billion. Mochtar just out of the BCA in late 1990 and when it is already in the bank's assets over Rp 5 trillion.

Joined by Hashim Ning makes it vibrant. In 1987, after he joined, the assets of Bank of Commerce Indonesia shot up more than 1,500 percent to Rp 257.73 billion. It wowed the national banks. He was dubbed as The Magic Man of Bank Marketing. Two years later, in 1989, this bank merged with Asia Commercial Bank and since then born Lippobank. This is the forerunner of the Lippo Group. Lippo Group currently has five branches of business are: 

1. Financial services: banking, mutual funds, insurance,management assets, securities
2. Property and urban development: integrated satellite cities,housing, condominiums, entertainment centers  
    and shopping, office and industrial areas. 
3. Development of infrastructure such as power plants, gas production, distribution, construction of 
     highways, construction of water supply, and communications infrastructure.
4. Industry which includes electronic components industry, automotive parts, cement, porcelain, coal and  
    gas earth. Through Lippo Industries, the group is also active in producing electronic components such as 
    refrigerators and air conditioners Mitsubishi brand. While the automotive components company, led      
    Mochtar was successfully producing cord gear.
5. Industries that include industrial components electronics, automotive components, cement 
    industry, porcelain, coal and natural gas. Through Lippo Industries, This group is also active in producing 
    electronic components such as Mitsubishi refrigerators and air conditioners. While the 
    component Mochtar  led automotive companies are successful producing gear cable.

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