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Of some Japanese character names that succeeded in building the economy of Japan, Konosuke Matsushita's name included in the group name. Matsushita succeeded in building the kingdom of the industry up to seven hundred and ninety-five companies with the number of employees as much as one hundred and fifty thousand people. Once successful, Matsushita wrote several books and magazines that play a role in spreading his ideas to be understood by the people of Japan. He also collects Japanese young people are gifted to be educated and prepared as the next generation is ready to lead Japan in the future.

Konosuke Matsushita was born in 1894 in Wakayama, western Japan region. As the youngest of a family of peasant landowners for forty generations, Konosuke youth can be passed as well. Happiness can not be enjoyed much longer by Konosuke because his father suffered a loss in rice speculation business. This loss resulted in her father sold all his possessions.

Konosuke then leaving education without completing basic education stool. His father then opened a timber and store footwear business is growing slowly. To speed up the time in developing the business, re-playing father Konosuke rice speculation, and fails again. Subsequently his father went to Osaka and worked as a laborer. After suffering persistent keugian, Konosuke brothers begin to die one by one due to tuberculosis. In a crisis situation, a letter informing him that his father arrived in Osaka there is a family helper in need of a power that is young. At the age of nine, Konosuke first started his journey by train to Osaka.

The trip was on 23 November 1904 during the Russian Japanese war was raging with a vengeance. He arrived in Osaka and get the job told her father, the master work of caring for children with a salary of 10 cents per month is paid within two times per month. Konosuke began to show his talents were diligent and full responsibility for their work. This makes the boss really liked it. Not months of work, Konosuke eventually quit his job caring for a baby, but her employer helped Konosuke to get a new job as assessed Konosuke as a good worker.
Eventually he worked at a bike dealer, Dodai Shoten, at Senba, Osaka. He worked hard to clean the house and merchandise and began to learn how to manage the business and repairing the damaged bike. The customers are also often asked to buy a pack of cigarettes while waiting for his bike repaired. Konosuke aware, that each buy 20 packs of cigarettes, he gets a free pack of cigarettes. He became famous among the customers because of the ingenuity and nature ramahnya.

One day a customer asked a bike purchase procedures. Because the master is away, Konosuke then visit the prospective buyer. Prospective buyers were willing to buy a bike if given a rebate of ten percent. When Konosuke deliver to his employer, his employer can only give a rebate of five percent. Konosuke tried to persuade her employer with a variety of ways, but to no avail. When Konosuke notify the prospective buyer was and told him he had done in an effort to persuade his employer, the buyer was finally willing to buy a bike with a rebate of five per cent and expressed the willingness of the customer during the Konosuke still working at the bike shop.

Konosuke learn from this experience is fully aware of the importance of working hard and sincerely in the attempt.

At one point, Konosuke find an employee who is not honest. He then told it to his employer and asked the employee to be sacked, but the employer does not agree. Konosuke then threatened to resign if the employee is not fired. Konosuke employer eventually agreed to the request. Konosuke believes that honesty is very important in the work.

Konosuke became interested in electric railways when the trolley first appeared in Osaka. Interested in the electric tram, Konosuke then worked in the Osaka Electric Light Company since October 1910, with the main objective to learn about electricity. He worked at first at the age of 16 years as an assistant foreman who overcome the cable repair. Two years of work, Konosuke decided to schools in the Kansai School of Commerce and Industry, a school which is open at night in Osaka. Preparation can be completed well within a year. For the next level of power stage, Konosuke can not continue anymore because of trouble in the matter of language.

The age of twenty years, Konosuke decided to get married and two years later he was appointed examiner of the foreman. After working for seven years at the Osaka Electric Light Company, Konosuke felt he had to have sufficient knowledge in the electrical problem and decided to get out. He came out at age 22 years and a savings of 20 yen to 42 yen plus of severance pay. With a capital of ¥ 62, Konosuke intends to open a new business. Capitalize the experience of modifying goods, namely nest incandescent lamp, he opened his business.

Konosuke difficulties in production and financial markets begin to thin out. At the critical moment, good luck with him when he got orders insulator 1000 electric fan. Furthermore, the customer is ordering 20,000 to 30,000 when the insulator is capable of transmitting 1000 Konosuke insultor before the end of the year. Konosuke and hard work helped by-law. Having assisted by several other sub-contractors, right on December 31, Konosuke successfully sent insultor electric fan and get a 160 yen as imbalannya.Dari profit obtained, Konosuke then rented the building in the heart of Osaka as the first office of Matsushita Electric Manufacturing Company .

The next product is a combination of the plug at a price 30% cheaper than its rival. The product is immediately discharged invaded buyers. Within two years, Konosuke was able to put 30 employees. They are trained to produce electrical equipment. At that time there is a tendency not to provide education to employees because the employee is deemed to come out and set up a rival firm if it is smart. But another view Konosuke, he considers the good karywan be able to produce a quality product. This belief is taken from the teachings of Bushido that states that we should not attack people who are not armed.
The next product is a plug lead to two, and is also highly rate the product on the market due to cheaper prices and guaranteed quality. To expedite its business, Konosuke enable sub-contractors and meperluas network. At the age of 27 years, Konosuke was able to buy land and promote their business without borrowing money. Furthermore it produces elliptical batteries for bicycle lights. He then contacted the bike retail and wholesale merchants to build a sales network. For three years he built this network and every month he did

trip from Osaka to Tokyo to visit the dealers. Its popularity began to grow and dealers are always awaiting the arrival of Konosuke.

The sale price set by Konosuke Konosuke is very reasonable and always be careful in determining the price. Konosuke is consistent with the price that it determines and never impose a rebate. To the dealers, he emphasized that they still sell at a profit despite lower prices. In 1927 Konosuke produce a rectangular beam of light with the National brand. Once convinced of the new production, Konosuke trying to advertise it in other ways, Konosuke did not like the way of advertising through the mass media. He then gave a free 10 000 bulbs to consumers. Problems arise because Konosuke only produce and not make the outer frame of the batteries that serve as a source of energy. He then asked for 10,000 pieces of stone to launch promotional battery. But the company refused. After persuading several times still no luck. Konosuke remembered the strategy of "take and give". Konosuke then willing to order 20 000 batteries per year when he was given 10 000 samples for free.

Konosuke then start the promotion, and the impact it is capable of delivering 470 000 Konosuke lights for one year. The great advantage is obtained by Konosuke of batteries and the company is renowned as a legendary event Matsushita. The main talent is his ability to determine Konosuke excellence in organizing a network of sub contractors, producing earnings multiply goods produced and can quickly produce new goods in lieu of the old stuff. He had great respect for her parents and berusha hard to meet his father who died when the message Konosuke was 10 years old. The main capabilities are most supportive of his efforts is kelihaiannya in forecasting sales and profits to be earned. Ability to foresee market capacity is rarely missed.
World War occurred and Konosuke company continues to run but with a different product. Konosuke producing parts for the purposes of such ships and aircraft for the Imperial Japanese Army. After the war, the influence of the Chamber of Commerce Osaka Konosuke began to be removed because of his involvement in the manufacture of parts for the war. Konosuke trying to defend himself by saying that his involvement of being forced by the Armed Forces of the Kingdom. Defense failed and Konosuke prohibited

doing business because he terliat in producing munitions for the war. 40 pieces of Konosuke companies involved in the war immediately disbanded and Konosuke can only indirectly control for the rest of the company because it can not hold an official position. Konosuke the efforts in helping to form trade unions, the 1949 sanctions against Konosuke removed and he was allowed to do business again. A year later, the Korean War broke out and Konosuke received orders from the Armed Forces of the United States of ¥ 400 million. The new capital immediately available to drive the business. In the 50s, Konosuke toured Europe and America to study business opportunities in the region. The results of his journey that is a decision to cooperate with Philip's from Holland. Cooperation carried out with an initial capital of ¥

Philip's 600 million and provide a capital of 30% and ask for a fee of 7% on their technical knowledge. Konosuke negotiate those numbers and finally managed to push up to 5%. Next he asked for a value of 3% above the position of adviser to the joint venture. At first Philip's surprised by Konosuke, but eventually they agreed because the request Konusuke, but eventually they agreed because Konosuke shrewdness in negotiating. Konosuke strategy could ultimately reduce the cost of technical ability was only 2%.

Finally standing joint venture company which is the forerunner of Matsushita Electronics Company which later evolved into a giant industry. Initial production began with light bulbs, vacuum tubes, neon lights and the transistor radio in Japan. The company can meet the needs of the domestic market and huge profits. This cooperation ended in 1967 and both companies get their royalty fee of 2.5%. As a pioneer. Konosuke requires a leader to work harder. He demands a leader to come home early from his subordinates and the end. Japan has no natural resources and less inhibited in initiating industrialization, there is no reason not to work hard if they want to compete with the advanced countries of Europe and America, as he stressed to his employees.

Konosuke was consistent in upholding the principles of business. One supermarket chain that menyalurkian Matsushita Electronics Company products, Daiel, in 1979 had the largest market share in Japan.

When they sell electronic equipment to provide rebates Matsushita, Konosuke was furious and stopped business relationship with Daiel regardless of the power of network marketing Daiei. A retail merchant who sells goods wholesale Matsushita asked to get a watercolor painting signed by Konosuke. Small traders were willing to buy ten air conditioner when he got the painting. Hearing request, Konosuke taking the time to meet the demand for retail merchants. Here we see the seriousness of Konosuke in doing business until he was willing to pay attention to something very trivial.

In 1975, unemployment in Japan reached one million people, the highest figure after the war. Konosuke overcome this problem by implementing a system of half-day work. He also froze salary increases for middle management. In this year of economic decline and the Japanese electronics products no one asks. Konosuke expertly held an exhibition in Moscow to open a marketing network in this communist country. This strategy can save Mitsushita sales levels. Konosuke regularly and planned to build a network marketing abroad. June 1975,

North European National Service Co appear to support the marketing of Matsushita in the area. For the American market, Konosuke pemasarannnya business focus in New Jersey. For the purposes of this marketing, Matsushita sold bonds amounting to U.S. $ 100 million. Matsushita USA then build precision company in the Philippines and was followed by the formation of quasar Electrik Company.

In 1977, Konosuke Toshihiko Yamashita chose as his successor for the post of president and as chairman of Matsushita Masabru Boards of Trustees, while Konosuke served as an advisor to the company. Konosuke was able to build a huge industry to capitalize willpower and experience. Like any other businessman, Konosuke always working hard and trying to remain consistent with its business philosophy, and it is one of the success factors in addition to many other factors. Unlike most other entrepreneurs who have high levels of formal education, Konosuke can be successful even though he never finished college. Success of hard work

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