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Talk grilled chicken franchise, remember Wong Solo. Arguing about Wardoyo, owner of Restaurant Ayam Bakar Wong Solo. In fact, in many ways, his name is more famous than her eating house. Understandably, the courage to make the event Poligamy Award in a hotel some time ago, raises the pros and cons. Is it too far in terms of personal branding? Wait a minute. Apparently, according to the man born in Solo, 46 ​​years ago, what he did was intentional. How?

"I have to create constant conflict in the minds of people so that people talk about me," said Director of PT Sarana Burn this Diggaya blakbalakan. In fact, he said, if necessary, he pays people to mendemo himself. The goal, so people are always talking about him non-stop and into a long polemic. For example, the issue of polygamy. For Puspo, do people talk about positive or negative, for the initial phase is not a problem. Importantly, every time people talk about him. This, he says, is important for business. "When people talk about Puspo, it means talking about Wong Solo," said her husband of four. He believes, if people know Puspo, the concerned will deliver it to Wong Solo.How Puspo could do this all? Told, when in 1993 started this business, he has not been as famous as now. He started his business trip with a capital of Rp. 700 thousand. Back then people knew him only as a street vendor at Polonia Airport, Medan.

But one day in 1996, the newspaper field, alert to write about him. The title, "Puspo Wardoyo, Bachelor Ayam Bakar Wong Solo Opens in Medan." Since then, eating a home business a huge success. Turnover up 300% -400%. "From here I realize the impact of the news," said former high school teacher in Bagansiapi-fire, North Sumatra. And he began to approach the press.Once close enough to the press. Puspo begin to understand the workings of the press. Among other things, an important issue in the news. Since then, he began to create issues or conflicts related to her. "The issue or conflict it is important that the media will proclaim it, without us asking," he explains. These issues must be made an element is not problematic. Even if possible, with the issue, he became a hero. "As a pioneer is an opening, and he could be called a hero," he said. Target size is how to promote your business.About this hero, Puspo mencontohkannya in terms of polygamy. He memfigurkan himself as the hero of polygamy. As well as a successful restaurant entrepreneur and reliably. Here he wanted to demolish the myth that polygamy is taboo.

Issue was launched, among other awards received during the Enterprise-50. Then, when receiving the award for Best Local Franchising of President Megawati. And lastly the commotion bikir Poligamy Award. Unmitigated, the fund no less than Rp. 2 billion dikucurkannya for this event.On the issue of polygamy, Puspo said, "It's the most positive and effective. Because there is truth, but not everyone is calling them. "After all, he saw, in terms of religion, what it does not break the rules. He is aware, many people who agree and many who do not agree. "When people talk of polygamy, never finished," he said. That, he added, would bring up the conflict between them.Puspo admitted he was impressed with the issue Poligamy Award. Because, after the event is held, a lot of response from the community. "It's the peak of my campaign," he said proudly. Admittedly, this is the toughest issue and the exciting launch ever. "Because this issue against the flow," he added. These issues were not made his own. He formed a team. A team of reporters are scattered in several cities, including Jakarta, Badung, Surabaya, Solo, Malang, Bali and Medan. However, he did not give away the issue of making the team. "All fixed under my leadership," he said. Every two weeks he called a meeting to define the issue in a month.
Evaluates the current show, the name Puspo Wardoyo already known to many people. As for the business side, he was relatively successful. Currently a number of restaurants in many major cities have. Several proposals also continue to flow to his desk. However, when compared with eating house, he recognizes his name tends to be more popular than Wong Solo. That is why, for balance, he now sought to name more known eating houses. Because of this, several steps are now digodoknya. The trick? Create a new issue! First, the issue contains a message that he is a good figure, patient, loving family, and benefactors. "I want colling down after the case Poligamy Award, to gain sympathy," he said bluntly. Next, focus on product branding. A number of excellent products Wong Solo will be released soon.
According to him, Wong Solo has been known as a regular restaurant. In fact, this business has a number of excellent products. For example, rice is the best of Delangga. Also, kale seed that live in hot water from Cibaya, which because of its strong durability Kangkung named Mighty. In addition, he also has some excellent products whose names nyerempet-nyerempet polygamy, such as polygamy juice, juice co-wife, or saute Cah Polygamy. Despite the controversy that exists, like it or not,Puspo is one of her business savvy brand herself.

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