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Marimutu Sinivasan born in Medan, North Sumatra, December 17, 1937. In the city's male descendants of Tamil India is a common education up to university. However, it was not long in college Islamic University of North Sumatra, because the trigger worked on a plantation company. No longer there, then he went into business. "I was not suited to be an employee," he said.

Grandfather of six grandchildren started textile business in 1958. Two years later he moved to Jakarta. In 1962 he opened a manufacturing plant polekat - sheath material - the first in Jakarta. Then in 1967 he could set up a company and then open a batik factory penyelupan. In 1972, Sinivasan buy batik factory in Batu, East Java.

In 1977 he built a polyester plant in Semarang, then in 1985-1986 he was building a polymer plant again. The next year, he built a garment factory in Ungaran - now managed her sister, Marimutu Manimaren. Texmaco factory area of ​​1,000 hectares in Subang, West Java, complete with machine polytechnic school, inaugurated by the then industry minister, Ir. Hartarto.

In the attack is also the manufacturer of heavy equipment and machinery Texmaco centered. One of its products, truck Mighty, ordered 800 units by the TNI. In Karachi, east of Jakarta, Texmaco also building a textile mill complex's 250-hectare area. Textile products, brands and Texana Symphony, is widely known, in addition to domestic demand also ordered some of the many famous companies, such as Mark & ​​Spencer from the UK or Tomy Helfinger of the United States.

Sinivasan it was one of the very successful national entrepreneurs. This reading fans still occupy a rented house in Jalan Pasuruan 4 Menteng, Central Jakarta. Two-story house shared with his wife. Meanwhile, his own house in Jalan Tulungagung, not far from the house rented, not occupied. It is unclear what the reason. In a fairly large garage, the Mercedes Benz parked three types of 300 E and the BMW 740 iL series. Sinivasan prefer driving a black Volvo 960 B1142NO number than the four other cars.

There are interesting habit of daily Sinivasan: he must sleep at least six hours a day. "If lack of sleep, my concentration decreases," he said. Apparently, the habit was "innate" as a teenager. In fact, had even more powerful. The man who now leads the company's 30-used to sleep up to eight hours a day. After all, he never lacked the time to finish the job. "The key is to take advantage of office hours as possible," he said. At 7:30, he was engrossed in the work and come home until late.

Various negative predicate is applied to it. Call it black businessmen, entrepreneurs crazy, fixer, criminal, founder of the factory junk, and so forth. But, Marimutu Sinivasan, Texmaco Group CEO appears to still be strong. He was not too bothered that the various assessments. Because he felt what he made was to the interests of the nation. Sinivasan obsessed build the engineering industry for the betterment of the nation. Employers who do not have time to play golf and tennis is sure, one day, he built the engineering business will become a mainstay.

Engineering industries, especially automotive IIR is a killing field soil. When Indonesia wants to build a national automotive industry has always slaughtered. Like the sedan Timor which had lowered the price of the car, but were slaughtered left and right. Although the killing fields, Sinivasan unabated. If Japan and South Korea capable of self-reliant in the field of capital goods and automotive industries, Indonesia also. Indonesia does not need to be inferior. "Bung Karno said, we are not a nation tempeh, and I want to realize the truth of that view," said the father of six children who started the business from scratch since 39 years silam.Tanpa facade, which still looks energetic entrepreneurs were responding to her poor judgment .

Texmaco debt, amounting to Rp 16.5 trillion, the first of about Rp 7 trillion. Because the loans obtained in the dollar on the exchange rate of Rp 2,400 per U.S. dollar. At that time, the dollar interest rate of about 11 percent, the rupiah was around 22 percent.

When the economic crisis, most loan dollars at the exchange rate of Rp 10,000 and Rp 12,000 by bank creditors. With the weakening of the rupiah, the Texmaco debt ballooned to Rp 16.5 trillion. The credit term of 7-8 years. However, consultants, appointed by IBRA, assessing that this credit be paid back in 11 years. Reference restructuring the company is cash flow. All assets are transferred to IBRA Texmaco.

Marimutu wondered why there are economists who claim to be too negative view of Texmaco. But he admired senior economist Sumitro Djojohadikusum, Mohammad Sadli, Frans Seda, and Emil Salim. For their comments on a net economic problems of the element of interest. Closeness to Soeharto and Habibie. It could even win sympathy Gus Dur and Megawati. Marimutu not feel any special treatment from the leaders. "If I was given monopoly rights, ease-funded, exemption from legal process, and so on, that was a special treatment," he said. But, please carefully, where there is a monopoly of the textile business? Once entering the engineering business, whether Texmaco request a monopoly? "We entered the business with a clear conscience to deal with competition and free markets," he said. Regarding closeness to Suharto? Do Texmaco got a monopoly for 32 years as a conglomerate owned by a particular company?

"I get a loan through regular procedures. There is no element of corruption in the process of obtaining credit. After all, apart from the domestic bank, Texmaco got a loan of 1.3 billion U.S. dollars of foreign financial institutions. Loans from foreign financial institutions can not be obtained by corruption, but based on purely business considerations, "he said. Before the crisis, 1997, Texmaco already a customer of BNI for over 30 years. During that period, never happened default interest or installment payments. Texmaco even pay back the $ 500 million loan to BNI and BRI. After refunds, the Texmaco entered the field of engineering by asking one billion U.S. dollars of credit to the engineering of BNI, BRI and several other banks in the consortium. The request was approved because the track-record Texmaco judged worthy and deserving of credit.

Texmaco only get rescheduled. It is natural, because in accordance with the scale and the results of due diligence Texmaco third parties. After all, before the crisis, Texmaco got about two years grace period and repayment of 5-6 years. In addition, the government now controls 70 percent of Texmaco (Newco). IBRA party has explained, the share ownership of 70-30 percent in Newco are intended to give voting rights to the government in securing the assets of Texmaco.

By mastering the majority, then there is no asset sales are outside Texmaco IBRA approval. Texmaco debt restructuring patterns more accurately called the rescheduling or re-scheduling. Instead of debt to equity swap. And it's very reasonable, considering the economic crisis is so deep - which is partly due to government policy - double the amount of debt. With the rescheduling, debt remains debt, and to pay off the debt issued exchangeable bonds.

Kwik Kian Gie, Coordinating Minister for Economy in office once accused by a black businessman said. Marimutu respond to cold. According to him, said that black entrepreneurs over the racial connotation. "Is it because my skin is black, it is practically black entrepreneurs? They often call me a businessman of Indian descent. In fact, I was the third generation in Indonesia and really felt as Indonesia. mode no longer talk about SARA. Black entrepreneurs in the moral sense, I do not understand. Because we can not easily assess the moral one, let alone on the issue, "he said.

Texmaco considered an expert in the lobby so that it always survive in any regime, ranging from the regime of Soeharto, Habibie, Wahid to Megawati.

"If we are good at lobbying, then there would be no press ngerjain Texmaco. I will lobby the press tycoon, Jakob Oetama, and the heads of the leading mass media in this country, "said Sinivasan. He also reminded Goobels words, the information minister and propaganda Hitler. Goobels says, lies constantly rolled out, someday, will be perceived as truth. So is the news lies about Texmaco.

Texmaco engineering plant say junkyard. Mighty truck steering and brakes rumored poor quality. They do not understand or pretended not to understand that the truck brakes Mighty using wind or water brakes and power steering stirnya already use, and all use the license of German and English. Mighty trucks Euro I've seen in the category of gas emissions, and the next year to Euro II. Many trucks and vehicles in Indonesia at this time I still do not get Euro in terms of pollution.

"They called me a fixer. There is also news that says, Rizal Ramli was Texmaco consultant and Taufik Kiemas Texmaco been a commissioner. A number of media are constantly blowing the issue of black entrepreneurs. In fact, a weekly news magazine stated in its opinion, Sinivasan is criminal. There needs to be poster 'wanted' complete with a photo spread throughout the country.

Expressed my opinion that the media did not cooperate. In fact, I never refuse a call kalipun AGO. And I also did not ask for debt forgiveness. Debt is not a sin, and we are willing to pay all the debt. It is all trial by the press is done systematically by the press in collaboration with interest groups who want Texmaco destroyed.

Since young, I was very impressed with the thinking of our founding father. Bung Karno attempt to evoke national pride by putting the view that "we are not the tempe". Bung Hatta emphasized the importance of efforts to improve people's economic ability, among others, through the cooperative. Bung Sjahrir was suggested the importance of industrialization, modernization, and mechanization from the villages. I'm trying to implement the ideas of the founding father to develop intellectual capital and building an integrated industrial engeneering. Currently, there are about 3,000 graduates working in Texmaco. The scholars were able to design, make the machines driven by computers that all electronic products are designed and built in Indonesia. They could make 80 percent of the automotive industry machinery, tractors, diesel, transmission, textile industry, steel industry tools and so on. Indonesia's son all that done. Probably only about 20 percent of the components are still imported.

How much of the intellectual assets that have been created Texmaco? They are capable of making textile machinery, machine tools world standards, and design. Now they also began to make a variety of machinery, automotive parts, motorcycles, tractors, trucks, passenger cars up. This is the intangible assets or virtual assets are priceless.

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