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Of course most of you have heard the name of branded T-shirts C59. C59's success can not be separated from the originator's skill, Marius Widyarto or familiarly called Mas Wiwied. Stems from a sense of gusarnya see his friends t-shirts that show off a picture of the hands of foreign fruit from his parents after traveling from abroad, Wiwied then challenged to create their own T-shirt with the Statue of Liberty and the city of New York and boasted that omnya also recently come from abroad, since then that it is increasingly recognized as a skilled person to make T-shirts, to the point, when he worked at a construction company, he is often visited by people for business than for his work shirt orders.

Wiwied a little like the work of the craft since starting his business from his house that measures 60 m2 in Caladi Gang of 59, which eventually became the name brand T-shirt with an initial capital from the sale of her wedding gift to Mary Goreti Murniati. Mental entrepreneur Wiwied many forged when he was a businessman involved in the descent, London is treating Wiwied keras.Pada initially run their business from the left-right order, he was also designing, selecting materials, cutting, sewing, finishing menyablon up while also seeking an order.

His efforts increased when getting orders from Japan's Nichimen companies engaged in the field of pesticides, the shirts to be distributed to the farmers. His business increased more so after following the activities of Air Show 1986 in Jakarta, followed by a meeting with participants from around the world.Wiwied then also penetrated areas of retail that started selling the rest of the order is not eligible people who were also in demand. After its rise, in 1992, he moved to Jalan Tikukur no.10 which was then bought up around the house no.4, 7,8,9 and then he made an office and showroom products. Besides, he also opened a showroom in other areas, such as Balikpapan, Bali, Yogyakarta and other cities so now he has about 600 outlets in Indonesia employing about 4000 employees.

Abroad, Wiwied has 60 showrooms spread across Slovakia, Poland, and Czech, and even now he is reaching Dept.Store Metro network in Singapore. Its success stems from several foreign countries through the staff who go abroad are usually carrying one or two suitcases and sold T-shirts C59 slowly there, and then conducted a survey that poorer profitable market there because it has four seasons, so not only can sell t-shirts but sweater or jacket as well. Wiwied also has a factory on the land area of ​​4000m2 in area Cigadung, Bandung. This factory was built after getting credit from Robbie Djohan who was then Managing Director of Bank Niaga in tahun1993, when the Bank Niaga ordering t-shirts to the C59. In the same year it changed its shape into PT. Caladi Five Nine.

Wiwied success is evidenced by numerous awards he has received, among Upakarti 1996, ASEAN Award 2000-2001 Executive Development, And winners I Enterprise 50.

Wiwied own business philosophy inspired from birds Caladi Sundanese meaning woodpecker. Wiwied Caladi interpret as 5 and 9 image ideals, the five images that illustrate the character of the human resource that is owned C59, capable, clever, precise, fast, and Cheers. While his goal is 9 customersatisfaction, company profit, confident working atmosphere, control, collaboration, clear mind, creativity, and consultative. Wiwied also want to be like Woody Woodpecker woodpecker who do not want to lose than its competitors, and when we consider always the focus when the woodpecker pecking a tree, Wiwied also want to always focus on areas of the garment.

One key to success lies in extracting Wiwied also design ideas that never ends, for her research design is important because there is strength in product design, especially t-shirt industry rapidly changing trends. Employees also have the opportunity to search the streets of fresh ideas, he even let their employees not to enter as long as he entered he was carrying a great idea.

Each design to be issued must be presented first, then once elected, followed by a procession of new production, selection of materials, printing techniques, color, and so forth.Wiwied also looks very good at building networking, he always tried to build good relationships with suppliers, support, customer, and government. He strongly believes that the relationship is the key to the success of the business.

Wiwied admitted that he is the mastermind of pure cooperative, for which he also set up a cooperative to improve the welfare of employees, turnover of the cooperative is currently about USD 600 million. He was proud to have been able to fulfill his dream to open up jobs for many people.

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