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I produce a clock that runs backwards, we made it to the people who think maju.Kami also now have a VCD that it invites anyone to think free.Since the foundation of the formation of an innovative and creative spirit that is freedom, without freedom there can be no courage.

When Joger established, many entrepreneurs are involved. So it's not just me who become entrepreneurs, but all of my employees is also an entrepreneur. At the same time I also get them as well Joger owners. In Joger no centralization, it just happened to issue creative design team consists of five people, and luckily there are fifth in me, so it's never happened Joger fray. This I do because I've had a lot of experts, but later they were arguing a lot more than work.

Then menyikap dispromotion, in a forum I speak this word, many do not agree with it, much less then many are asking what is the capacity to say the word. Therefore, I make my own title of the BAA and BSS stands for Not What-What and Who-Who's Not. Then I asked them if not for the "new guy" like me to express a truth.In Joger I was more daring to make the new terms, which was finally accepted. As the saying which was initially rejected dispromotion finally accepted. 

Dispromotion promote the concept that it is not intended to increase the amount of turnover, because at this time if there are people who want to buy shirts in bulk Joger I always refuse. Apparently this gave birth to a new value, and unfortunately again suspected as our tactics in increasing the amount of turnover, I argue that, in an honest, friendly and helpful I am doing this dispromotion. So dispromotion absolutely not intended to enhance the benefits I receive.

Root of the problem it could be a problem to be solved, or be destroyed. Example recently I read a slipper factory in 7000 employees laid off and then there was one among those who see and ask for their help in marketing Joger sandals. Joger would be helpful but will not sell sandals Joger a "mediocre", flip it must be different from the others.

Then we saw an opportunity to sell sandals in large numbers. Sales strategy we use is that we only sell sandals left alone, and if you buy the left will get a bonus to the right. Our price is for two, so each worth Rp. 16 500. It turns out that ordinary sells sandals in a different way this has lead to a new request, this time the factory was overwhelmed. Now there is a vacancy in Bali because people feel obliged to buy thisas this has been a story. Now if the Balinese a special people to Joger because people know we are the place that always comes with new ideas.

If now Joger be great not because of our desire, but more because the public desires. And since 1987 no longer Joger Profit Oriented (oriented kepad akeuntungan) but Happiness Oriented (oriented to happiness).In Joger also have the freedom to break the rules provided by the consumer. So I say that if you make it difficult boss big danger, but if it makes it difficult consumer far greater danger.

Actually in the business-based creativity and innovation knows no competition, because if we paint and there are just like our painting, then any price, and no matter how much good the other paintings, people will still find and buy the painting.

We at Joger more freely chose to create the concept, we do not want to produce their own and if I go it seems to produce a large and rich too quickly risks later. And since we are outside Joger and this is one way the suspect as a tactic, but it is not.

And I was once asked if I was at the University of Airlangga punyak tactic or a strategy, we actually do not have a strategy and tactics have not we just have the attitude and commitment that we run a consistent and consistently.

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