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VENDOR WORK persistence JAMU

Soedibyo, Sleman.Yogyakarta birth,

scholars retired textile industry department officials. Was his wife, who may be more widely known, the grandson of His Majesty the King of Surakarta Pakubuwono X. Private independent since the age of three years has trained his grandmother, lived with the princess palace. As a woman entrepreneur, Mooryati is a manufacturer of a wide range of traditional herbal medicine and cosmetics, plus many other business ventures.

Mooryati very zealous in promoting its business. Something reasonable. In fact should be the identity of every entrepreneur. Moreover, because the nature of the business of a product, becomes irrelevant charges of receiving facility. Because in this case, the success rate would likely depend on public acceptance of its product users. Even enjoy abundant, many similar products are also scattered in the community. View of society becomes the touchstone, the quality of the product is good or bad, have a competitive edge or not. There is a classical expression. Unknown prophet in his own village. Last year. Mooryati won awards from the Asian

Institute of Management (AIM) in Manila. Filipinos. Mooryati was elected as a woman entrepreneur. Asia are successfully applying the principles of modern management (although the traditional products) in the business. This award proves, as women entrepreneurs, through the assessment of management experts Asia, Mooryati proved to have been on the right track. "

Mooryati now most are not listed as president of the four giant corporations. Its main business, premier manufacturer of herbal medicine and cosmetics, remains the mainstay. Alumni of the English department. Saraswati University Solo and the owner of Alliance Francaise diploma level V is, in fact also leads the company that specializes in office buildings and hotels. In fact, last month, in the middle of the performance of various banks declined, Mooryati even taken control of a bank board. "Ah ... but I did not buy the bank alone. I'm still just a lunkhead herbal medicine, selling herbal medicine alone, "he argued.

Rome was not built in a day.Similarly Mooryati not created a business empire in a flash. All kinds of success on this day, in contrast to the atmosphere when the mid-1973 with capital of Rp Mooryati. 25.000, - mix your own business starting with rice beverages kencur in the garage, along with two aides. "I intentionally make rice kencur, because most easily. Can be done at night, next morning I immediately take it to the gathering or offered from house to house ... ".

To ensure quality, raw materials purchased from Solo, Central Java. That time should come back Mooryati Jakarta-Solo took the bus once a week at night, because of limited capital. He also must carry cash, because the sellers of materials (herbs) have not known him. "Everything I went through with sincerity ...".Diligence trying to be an example. Without surrender, be careful Mooryati continue to develop its industry, continues to expand the market and move to the top. Two years after kencurnya rice products promoted by developing auxiliary to ten people, six kinds of products are numbered. But only after five years running, with employees about 50 people, production started to go into beauty salons.

The growing production of the causes of conflict situations. The employees have to work till night, they go to sleep at his home in Jalan Sawo narrow. "Privacy family began to fail." In every place many piles of bottles or medicinal raw materials scattered in every corner of the house there are people working. So I immediately decided, make the plant in Ciracas. Inaugurated on April 8, 1987 by Minister of Health Soewardjono Soeryaningrat .. "

Together with the growing awareness for the return to nature, traditional herbal medicine and cosmetics made Mooryati began growing rapidly. Production is not only consumed by the local community, but also has been widely accepted since from Japan to the countries in the Middle East.Traditional herbal medicine is no longer just a domestic industry, but has grown into a giant industry and exporters.

Born in Solo on January 5, 1928, he is already starting dusk did not dampen the pace. Mooryati was always agile, setangkas puppet Heroine dreams. What is the recipe for success? His eyes shine. Mooryati answer very quickly, "a word, diligent and patient. If it can be lived, all the dreams would eventually materialize ... "

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