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Liem Sioe Liong starting out with Indonesia at the age of 20 years, about 45 years ago, said, "You must be born in the right place and time." And, Anthony Salim - who named his son born Liem Seng Fung -, go to the magazine commented The same, "If you want to catch a fish, first you have to buy bait."

Short sentences tend to be a literary expression in Indonesia, the actual picture of the principles of their trade in Indonesia to seep into the international arena. With the group he led, Fukien-born Salim Soedono Liem, 1916 that began with his brother: Liem Sioe Hie, helping their uncle peanut oil trade in the Holy-Central Java, the second of three brothers to pay 25 thousand workers. Of the Senior Executive to the truck driver whose number no less than 3000 fleet including Cs Liem cement transport company.

Richest man in Indonesia, has 40 companies, Liem Sioe Liong with kamradnya generate business turnover of no less than U.S. $ 1 billion a year. It is said Liem own personal wealth, there is mention, about U.S. $ 1.9 billion = Rp. 1.2 trillion.

Indonesia among her Chinese traders known as "Liem bald". History of the people named Liem Sioe Liong (60 years) begins in a small harbor. Fukien in the number of South China continent. He was born there in 1918.

The oldest sister she Liem Sioe Hie - now aged 77 years - since 1922 had already emigrated to Indonesia - the then Dutch colony - working in an uncle's company in the Holy city. In the midst of the hustle and bustle of Japan's business expansion into the Pacific, coupled with a fairy tale treasure European kingdoms in Southeast Asia, then in 1939, Liem Sioe Liong follow in the footsteps of the oldest brother. From Fukien, he Depart to Amoy, where rests a Dutch merchant ship which took him across the China Sea. A month and then to Indonesia. From the first, the Holy city is famous as a center of cigarette factory, which is very much needed raw materials of tobacco and cloves. And since the revolution jamam Liem Sioe Liong has been trained to be a supplier of cloves, by way of smuggling raw materials from the Moluccas, Sumatra, North Sulawesi via Singapore and then through special pathways to the Holy smuggling. So no wonder clove trade is one of the pillars

Liem Sioe Liong main business first of all, in addition to the textile sector. He used to be, a lot of cheap imported textile mill production of Shanghai.

To smooth out all its efforts in finance, he had several pieces of banks such as Bank Windu Kencana and Bank Central Asia. In the 1970's Bank Central Asia has grown to become the second largest private bank in Indonesia with total assets of U.S. $ 99 million.

One of the great opportunities Liem Sioe Liong obtained from the Government of Indonesia is the establishment of PT. Bogasari in May 1969 to monopolize the supply of wheat flour to Indonesia the West, which covers about two thirds of Indonesia's population, in addition to PT. Primed for Eastern Indonesia.

Virtually every company Liem Sioe Liong he teamed up with Djuhar Sutanto alias Lin Wen Chiang, who was a Chinese from Fukien.

Bogasari a private company which is unique in Indonesia. Perhaps the only Bogasarilah provided by the government have its own port facilities, and the giant ships in perteriguan relationship can be directly docked to the factory.

As soon as he perkasanya Indonesia in today's economy, may be the starting point of Insight magazine, Asia's Business Mountly publishing publications in Hong Kong in May this year, featuring caricature paintings Liem Sioe Liong style dress

Napoleon Bonaparte. His chest was full of badges plastered with the company. His company's holding company named PT Salim Economic Development Corporation has a variety of activities are divided over the various types of divisions, each is:
(1) trading division,
(2) industry divisions,
(3) the division of banks and insurers,
(4) development division (which runs in the forest and forest concessions),
(5) the property division is engaged in real estate, hospitality, and the contractor,
(6) and retail trade division
(7) division of the joint venture. Each division in charge of some giant corporate direction, form-limited 
     liability company.

Various possibilities to further develop the company even though its speed will not increase the capital, such as publicly traded on the Jakarta stock market, - Lem Soedono Salim group took place with vigorous. Obstacles and issues that threaten the company's business, appears to have been made anxious Liem. As he told the Review, "If you only listen to what people say, you'll go crazy. You should do what you believe. "Capitalized short sentence that also ushered in a young Liem Sioe Liong is also known as Holy Shao Lin Liang Soedono Salim became the King of Trade Indonesia, recently.

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