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Jakob Oetama, General Leader and Chief Executive Kompas Kompas-Gramedia Group, compassion vent at the University of Gadjah Mada, Thursday, April 17, 2003, formally gave him a gift of honorary degree of Doctor Honoris Causa in the field of communications. He is one of the giants of journalists in this country that offers peace journalism and managed to open the horizon of the press is really modern, responsible, non-partisan, and has a far-sighted perspective. Fascicle tears slowly trickling down her old wrinkled cheeks. Her original weight and formations in the room, cash, change hoarse and raspy. The old man who was standing at the podium during the respectable, no longer withstand the power of great compassion. He cried.

Jakob Oetama, old man, the Superior General and Chief Executive Kompas Kompas-Gramedia Group, vent compassion. At the University of Gadjah Mada, Thursday, April 17, 2003, formally gave him a gift of honorary degree of Doctor Honoris Causa in the field of communications. In a campaign speech to earn a doctoral degree honoris causa (HC), he argued that the search for meaning and the meaning of the news and the presentation of the news is a chore and challenge the mass media today and in the future.

Journalism with a meaning that is required of the nation as a guide to solving critical problems of this nation.

Jakob Oetama is the recipient of a doctorate honoris causa to-18-a-UGM awarded after last week's UGM conferred the same degree to the Head of State Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei Darussalam. Prof Dr Moeljarto Tjokrowinoto promoter in its judgment stated, services and works in the field of journalism Jakob Oetama essentially reflects the service and the extraordinary work in the areas of society and culture. He also has a certain influence to the life of the press in Indonesia.

In his judgment, Jacob Oetama UGM rate since 1965 has developed insights and shades of cool works of journalism, which is "typical journalistic culture", which is based on journalistic insight into a particular political philosophy. Journalism culture that has become a reference for the life of journalism in Indonesia. "Promovendus also seen to have successfully used the press as a vehicle for the practice of transcendental humanism pillars through policies that provide coverage on issues of central concern, aspirations, desires, and humiliation of human greatness and humanity,'' said Rector. One" distinctive journalism cultures " developed promovendus is "peace journalism." peace journalism is a process of creating a new culture of journalism, which allows the press to survive in the midst of an authoritarian political configuration. Under the leadership of Jacob Oetama metamorphosis has occurred press the sectarian press of a mass media that reflects the inclusive democracy . Promovendus also has put the value of putting humans and humanity in the central position of the news.

The value is a reference of press in gathering facts, writing news, editing, and broadcast news. Accordingly, a number of national leaders assess Jakob deserve a doctorate honoris causa (honorary) in the field of journalism from the UGM. "The awarding of an honorary doctorate to Jakob is right. Because, he is one of the giants of journalists in this country who managed to open the horizon of the press is really modern, responsible, non-partisan, and has a far-sighted perspective," said Chairman of the People's Consultative Assembly (MPR) Amien Rais after attending the doctorate honoris causa ceremony at the Hall of UGM. Poet Taufik Ismail, who was also present said, "It's a tribute to a figure of the press for his services for 4-5 decades to develop a peaceful but journalistic character," he said. Ashadi Siregar told a press observer, the conferring of honorary doctorates awarded to Jakob is appropriate. He was considered able to maintain and develop the existence of the press in the middle of the political environment that suppresses the New Order. "That's an accomplishment. I very much agree with what was said Prof Dr Moeljarto Tjokrowinoto promoter," Siregar said. Former Chairman of the Indonesian Journalists Association Sofyan Lubis claimed glad that Jacob received an award from major universities. Lubis also agree that it deserves given to Jakob, considering that during this struggle. "A lot of useful updates are done for Mr. Jakob reporter activity in the developing role of the national press, while developing a spirit of nationalism at the time. He was consistent and I have seen him be an example for others," said Lubis said.

Jacob himself has said, the conferring of an honorary doctorate honoris causa which he received in a manner out of self. He considered a lot of press figures are more worthy of such honor. At the end of the 21-page speech, with sincerity and compassion, the founder and head of Scholastic Compass Group (KKG), the honorable title was presented to his colleagues in the press. "The honor bestowed by the University of Gadjah Mada to me, for whom I dedicate this honor," said Jacob, who was so moved when mentioning his fellow leaders of the press, such as Rosihan Anwar, PK Ojong, Herawati Diah, Tuty Aziz, Wonohito, Hetami, Sakti Alamsyah, Rorimpandey, Manuhua, and Mochtar Lubis. "To my colleagues and friends who are sick Manuhua in Makassar, Indonesia Bung press freedom figures Mochtar Lubis, I convey my respect and gratitude. Great honor bestowed by the University of Gadjah Mada to me, for whom I dedicate this honor,'' he said . Jacob Oetama, deserve to be thrilled and proud.

He achieved such honors, as well as a tribute to the persistence and tenacity of press in this country to fight for democracy, as well as it has and still does. Through the typical journalism, consistently rated Jacob has shown that the mission of journalism is not just convey information to readers, but more than that basic mission is to educate and enlighten the conscience of the nation. Jacob even took a distinctive style of journalism was the name of journalism'' meaning.'' The style of journalism that meaning, Jakob with his Kompas assessed consistently has sought to realize the conscience of the reader about the need to abolish the nation's primordial values ​​in relation between people and between groups, instill ethical and moral democracy and justice in the people and the nation. Prof Dr Moeljarto Tjokrowinoto, which act as promoters conferring of the degree of Doctor Honoris Causa, says it is giving an honorary degree is an initiative of the Department of Communication, UGM, which was finally approved by the Council of Professors of UGM in its meeting January 23, 2003. Selection Tim Honorary Doctorate Recipients, says Prof. Moeljarto, has made a careful study of the works of Jacob Oetama so far as collected in several books such as Voice Conscience, Re-Thinking about keindonesiaan, Indonesia Press, World of Business and Business Ethics, perspectives Press Indonesia, and various wisdom that has been pointed out in his professional life in the press.

The team headed by Prof. Moeljarto, consisting of Prof Dr Sofian Effendi, Prof Dr Bambang Sudibyo MBA, Prof Dr Kunto Wibisono, Prof Dr Usman Sunyoto, and Prof Dr Siti Chamamah Soeratno.

Jacob Oetama born in Borobudur, 27 September 1931. After graduating from Teachers History B-1 (1956), and then continued his studies at the Academy of Journalism Department of Journalism and graduated in Jakarta

Of 1959. Last former history teacher education middle and high schools in Jakarta that the Publication Department of UGM. Work experience in journalism starts from the editor of the Sower, editor of the monthly Digest Chairman, Chief Editor Daily Compass, the publisher / editor Compass and Compass Group President-Scholastic. Jacob Oetama number of papers, among others, the status and function of the Press in the system of Guided Democracy, which is a thesis in 1962 at UGM, World of Business and Business Ethics (Publishers Compass Books, 2001), and Re-Thinking about keindonesiaan (Compass Book Publishers, 2002). Jacob also take part in various organizations within and outside the country. Some of them had been Secretary General of the Indonesian Journalists Association (PWI), Member of Parliament Group Press Representative, Founder and Board Member of the Indonesian National News Agency, PWI Advisory Board Member, Board Member of the Federation Internationale des Editeurs De Journaux (FIEJ), Member of International Association of Alumni Center West of East Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, and Head of Organization and Management U.S. Newspaper Publishers.

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