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Helmy "SIAPA BERANI" Yahya

In the midst of busy Helmy yahya still found time to write a novel. Triwarsana companies are now handled Production House is probably the busiest in Indonesia, later this year they will handle 30

It seems difficult to find people who do not know Helmy Yahya. Young entrepreneurs are familiar figures to the world of television entertainment, as now practiced abreg activity. But if I may choose between being an entertainer, master of ceremonies (MC), lecturers, managers, artists, singers or become an entrepreneur, Helmy yahya prefer if people knew him as a businessman. Because he thought it was plop it into the world of entertainment is just a mere coincidence. In the midst of busy Helmy still listed as a Lecturer STAN (State Accountancy College) for the course Marketing, Accounting Theory, and Ethics, must have been fun to be one of his students. Being a teacher is one who will continue his commitment lakoni, "I come from the campus, so I will not leave," he said.

All started with a musical performance at STAN, Helmy time with her friends invite Ireng Maulana. Ireng Maulana seem very impressed with the style of managing the show Helmy, happened at that time Ireng Maulana All Stars is a band performers "Race In Melody" which was raised by Quiz Master of Indonesia Mrs. Ani Sumadi. A moment later Helmy has been joined by Ani Sumadi Production, ten years (period 1989-1999) he studied from his wife Ani Sumadi, feel themselves to be more developed then in 1999 he decided to get out of Ani Sumadi Production, and immediately fly the flag Joshua Enterprise and Helmy Yahya Production House, both are then merged into a single container Triwarsana which is a joint venture between Helmy Yahya, Joddy Suherman (Joshua's father, Ed) and Liem Sio Bok.

Management was able to interview editors Yahnya Helmy, after shooting Quiz Who Dare. The interviews took place in his personal car, because an hour later he had to attend a meeting with his client. Helmy chose to sit in the front seat, as if he did not want to seem like a boss who sits in the back seat, and will not get into the car before the driver opened the door for her.

His car was loaded with stacks of books, gift basket full of flowers of fruit hand participants Quiz Who Dare. In the car there is also a deputy Reinhard Tawas Helmy at Triwarsasa that had once known as a commentator on NBA Games on SCTV. Further interviews to flow, and Helmy yahya also tells of the journey to success.

I never dreamed of this success, because I dreamed it was more successful than this, ha ... ha .. ha ... No, I never dreamed, I thought my life would become a professional like a doctor or an engineer, I never dreamed of becoming an entertainer or have a company. I'm just dreaming to become rich. My goal is to become a doctor earlier, but strangely I never pursued his education is supposed to be a doctor. I chose accounting, because by then I had to find a school that 'free' because I'm sure my parents could never afford to pay for my school. Therefore I go out of the IPB and STAN.

I respond to the opinion of those who think I am now taller than my real brother Yahya Tantowi is mediocre, I admit I learned a lot from him. We are both starting from zero, so I think we both feel grateful for what we get. Now maybe I was slightly superior to the Tanto, Tanto back maybe next time the superior, to me there's no problem, wong compete with others that I did not have a problem especially with his own brother.I thank my parents who allowed me to achieve all this, my father is dead and my mother is old and is now frequently ill. Secondly I would also like to thank my beloved wife, Harfansi Yahya, without support from him I was not going to be like now, also to my three children.I never make the phasing in achieving what I got now, I'm not so rigid and devise planning, flowing only my philosophy, which is important I try to go on, I try to make every day something is added.

However, I never surprised by what I get, because what I get is the result of a process, so I never know what people are saying "moral hazard" or get something out of an accident. Although in my quiz "Who Dare" was a serendipity, a coincidence which then becomes something extraordinary.

The days when I just became a lecturer in the STAN with a very limited salary, with three children is a difficult period in my career, at times like this I get the lessons of life.I am very poor childhood, I never drink milk, have never known soap, shampoo never know, even sober clothes, my pants just two to three pieces of course, I often played with the bare-chested, nothing special, I am more much to learn on the streets. It was also experienced by the four others, including my brother Tanto, a very unfortunate life is then motivates us to succeed. Our father always said, "Do not be preceded by style rather than income." So before I managed not to force-gayaan first but if it is successful will go ahead whatever the style. One more thing I remember, our parents are parents who do not will easily fulfill what we ask, they just want to give something, after our children to do something to get it.

Bitter reality in the past is then a sort of provision to deal with any difficult situation, and I always say what you get now is just an accumulation of hard work and concern that I have been so far.

Of every failure I can always draw lessons from it, like when a lot of people who say film "Joshua oh Joshua" to fail, but I think not. As it turns out when the film was aired on television on New Year's Eve 17 ratings, and it is the highest rating, higher than that packed in a special event with a high cost on the same night.Film producer Joshua oh Joshua still often call us, but we ourselves who feel cured '. Because we must know ourselves, because in the film too much time. And in the beginning when we worked on the film was none other as a token of appreciation to our national cinema, that's all.

I always prepare myself for the failure to anticipate, prepare yourself to avoid failure. For example, I was appointed to bring a totally new event for me, of course, would lead to a sense of nervousness, and for pain that I prepare. Other examples of when I was a while ago is challenged by Renny Jayusman to sing rock songs at the Hard Rock Café, to be honest I admit this is something new for me, and if all this time I often challenge people in the quiz Who Dare, then why do I must resign if I get a challenge. At that time there is a fear in me if I would fail. Tanto even angry with me when I accepted the challenge, the Tanto why should I stake my reputation to think of things Tanto inappropriate to be implemented.I think the only challenge is to prepare ourselves, rather than run, and Alhamdulillah I managed, after the show I managed to get a contract, contract to direct my record, I also get a contract for a music show on television.

We need a challenge to make ourselves better, and if you are faced with a challenge not to shirk from the challenge, but try as hard as possible to answer the challenge, learning and continuous practice, and this is what I did.

If Tanto was first recognized by Young Gita Quiz, then I'm known by a wide audience through the quiz Who Dare, although previously I have also been involved in many sporting events like NBA Games. My experience took a sporting event is also interesting, because I was there along with Agus Maulo and Reinhard Tawas such as bringing a new genre.Because we bring a sporting event with a new emotion, we used to shout, or do other things that we never met at a similar event in previous times. I also had a criticism, because I spoke with unusual speed, but I told them this is sport, this basket ball it takes place quickly. And you see now is almost all sports show host has changed, I'm happy if I could bring a change.

I also need a very good team to support my career and certainly for the benefit Triwarsana. Currently Triwarsana has handled 17 television programs, and at the end of the year GOD willing, will be the 30 event program. Because for us to do all of this is the demand that we can continue to evolve, and I never bothered if someone were to then consider me greedy.My team's now numbering 70 people. You think every program should at least be handled by 5-6 people, this means that my team has been working well. Thank God I have never made dizzy or frustrated thinking about everything that can go as we expect, because I believe my team really knows what they are doing. Trust is the key word, and I thank my whole team is young children who can be trusted, and they work for 24 hours, they also do this with a sincere heart, I may have inspired them.

Interestingly none of my team member who belongs to the world of broadcast, including myself who come from the disciplines of accounting, but because we have a commitment to continue to learn so we can work as a team is successful. Not excessive if it is then I say, "If you want to witness firsthand the magic of team work bagaimanana see our work."I was able to sleep at 12 am. I usually found time to dip between 10 to 15 minutes, for me this time is when I am able to relax, so I can complete the day's fatigue. After that I continued to read the book.

Activities are open to perform Fajr prayer. At 8 am I have to be at Indosiar to Quiz Who Dare. You imagine the 17 event program, sometimes I have to make time so that I can watch the process of taking pictures of the 17 program. Not to mention the meeting 6-7 times in a day. In the evening I often was asked to be MC at special occasions. And I am grateful to still be able to set it up properly, so that no one is left behind, especially my attention to my family, for me this is a priority.

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