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Appearance and style "does not reflect a topnotch business leaders like Edzard Reuter. Kewiraswastaannya not so brilliant as Werner Niefer. And she does not have a clever and strategic concepts like those of the superior Eberhard von Kuenheim or Carl Horst Hahn. If so, what exactly are the advantages Helmut Werner.

When he began his career at Uniroyal, he continued to climb until taking office managing director for Europe. Later he became the youngest board member at Contri tire manufacturers and a few years later positions in the company's chief executive. After that, in the autumn of 1987 he was appointed to head the supervisory board of Daimler Benz AG in the field of multi-purpose vehicles, as well as a strong candidate for a substitute director of the prestigious car company, Werner Niefer.

In addition, Helmut Werner Juergen Schrempp with a chance also to occupy the post of president director of Mercedes-holding company is now held Edzard Reuter. Helmut Werner gets the spotlight from all directions. Helmut Werner appearance of a tall slender and elegant in dress gives the impression of interest. His face still looks young and his eyes are dark brown in color was memorable friendship. "I was indeed so lucky," said the father of two sons to adulthood. Other words that she often said, "Life is beautiful and fascinating".

A cheerful mental attitude as it is only owned by one of Reionland origin, was appropriate. Helmut was born and raised in Sauerlan Koeln. Education he completed his high school in Frankfurt and Bonn. In Cologne, he studied economics firm.

Helmut Werner, who led 90 thousand employees, do not control these people, but rather encourage them. As a supervisor, he allegedly did not know how to influence the ways of his men. He was able to work with people who doubt and not the kind of man who likes to fight alone. Therein lies the excellence and talent. He himself described it as a balanced temperatem carrier or the nature of sustenance. Edzard Reuter himself recommended him as someone who could move the masses are considered more important than the ability to do everything by himself.

It was obvious that the attitudes, traits, and talents that exist in Helmut Werner diperoloeh derived from the experience of his parents' home. In the family, Helmut served as primus inter pares, or first people in the five brothers. Her sisters want to be treated as the eldest son, it is dangerous to Helmut position in the family.

As such, he must at all times asserted its position as the eldest son Helmut this dangerous position in the family. As such, he must at all times asserted its position as an elder in the competition with his younger brother. In this case the applicable law, the strongest is the king, a position which he had to repeatedly prove. For Helmut Werner to prove its superiority. Helmut himself admitted he was not a good student. That is very unfortunate that the director of her father's Sparkasse Bank. He preferred to prove its superiority is not in school, but at the soccer field; as a swimmer, footballer water, diving, and skiing or cycling. 

According to Helmut Werner, "I possessed to compete and that the secret to success in leadership lies in his ability, to prepare others are ready to do something. "As such, he did not need to do anything. Efficiency that he developed is the dualism that, including the successful use of staff and foster fraternal relations staff and provide opportunities penembangan on employees. However, it is still not adequate. Because underneath it all there is ambition, discipline and hard work not to just win, but must win. 

Helmut Werner initially wanted to become economic research, but the goal was canceled after he was accepted as a trainee at the company's tires, Englebert & Co. in Aachen, the American subsidiary of Uniroyal in 1961, five years he traveled across the country from one supplier to the other tire dealers. During that tenure, he gathered experience about how people react. He said, "They must be doing something positive for me, which is to buy tires from me." Since 1970, Helmut Werner worked as a manager of a variety of products his company in the city Luettich, Belgium. It is an activity, which required him alone, he was back and forth across all business functions, both in terms of technical and business terms, as well as in terms of organization and in terms of marketing strategy. All of the task, according to Helmut is something very interesting, direct experience with clients / customers is a continuing education for Helmut and there is also the self-employed he matured to be tough. "I am recommending a pragmatic stage experience like that for every youth," he said confidently. 

In 1977, the company was handed over responsibility for all production groups in Helmut Werner, and the following year he was appointed managing director for Europe, specifically addressing the issue of marketing and development. A year later (1979) Gummiwerke Continental AG successfully acquired (bought) Uniroyal Europe, and he became the youngest member of the board of directors. 

Hahn who became president of the company Continental AG and Baron Englebert Gummiwerke greatly admired and a role model Helmut Werner for their creativity and greatness. Since 1982 Helmut Werner number one in the Continental U.S. Gummiwerke, and at the end of that year the company achieved a profit of about 18 million marks, or about 20 billion dollars. In The company's 1983 revenues reached to 45 billion dollars. Similarly, in 1984. Furthermore, the company continues to grow and in 1987 the company was annexed General Tire and successfully involved directly in the business in the United States. 

Helmut Werner fame was such that he became a bone of large corporations. Volkswagen boss Carl Hahn offered him the position of director of Audi. While Alfred Herrhaussen a more lucrative bid, as a director who heads the multi-purpose vehicle division in the ranks of Daimler Benz AG.
Of achievement is expected to help Helmut rescue division, which had suffered losses. In any event, Mercedes-Benz is having a big decline in vehicle marketing abroad is still the world's largest podusen for freight vehicles. 

Helmut Werner not only has its charm and esprit de corps is high. In addition, according to the leadership of general director, Karl Feuerstein, he is a tough type of entrepreneur, who has the insight and know exactly where the weight set point attempts. Holding the Daimler board meeting, he was known as a critical and powerful in every conflict is constructive. 

Among his peers Helmut Werner is known as a very tight financial management. It performs strict control and constantly monitor the flow of the various expenditures of the company. At the age of 50 years who had entered, he wanted to involve himself in the company and the product class and struggling on international business. He is responsible for the production of vehicles in 43 countries. Thus the greater the effect followed by a more convincing authority. Among the directors he has a high degree of freedom given his achievements in increasing the volume of sales of Mercedes vehicles.

He vowed to double sales to three times more than Gummiwerke Continental AG. For Helmut Werner, Mercedes-Benz AG is the world's automotive center....

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