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Year 1991 is meaningful for Dewi Motik. Imagine, this year he got a pretty severe trials and hard. By an American, he was accused of anti-labor wage increases. Charges given to him, not half-hearted ask, photographs widely disseminated throughout the world as a profile of women workers from Indonesia suppressor. Lately Dewi Motik often in the spotlight people talk.

In addition to the above such things, it does include figures that are often a featured speaker at various forums, is also active in various committees such as the great Istiqlal Festival. Yayasan Putri Ayu led and founded since 1981, became a national debate. Until now the selection is done pretty girls fight over the trophy 11 times Ibu Tien Suharto. The government had no objection such as Yayasan Putri Ayu, send the winner in 1991 (the descendants of the Dayak girl - Kalimantan) at the Miss Universe to Bangkok.

In addition, lately also, Dewi Motik managed to expand its business. He collaborated with the Ministry of Transmigration open area of ​​5000 ha in South Sumatra. There they opened a refurbished PIR land with funds from the World Bank. Another success: in 1991, Dewi Motik successfully completed the four-story building at the time IWAPI Sand, Jakarta, as the realization of women's struggle to develop skills Indonesia. All it does for the welfare of the womenfolk in particular, and general welfare of the nation.

Many things that happened to Dewi Motik. All deposits was the result of experience and struggle to work hard since I was a teenager. Success, too, brings a certain implication, the case of the above allegations America as one example. Away from it all, much to be learned from a woman Indonesia super active, at least, as a comparison for the young women in particular, and for young people generally. Since the age of 14 years, Dewi Motik (puspa Sri Dewi Motik) was used to having his own money.

Many ways to earn money doing. For example, a trick. When he was still an elementary school in Menteng, Central Jakarta, together with their peers, are very fond of playing tricks performed by one Om near their school. Om juggler in the eyes of Dewi Motik, incredible. "I liked the money can be more," he said, remembering the good times that.

Dewi Motik Om came home and asked a trick taught. Om the secret that turns into a cat handkerchief, so flowers money, eventually known Dewi Motik easily. Of this legerdemain, Dewi Motik who was born May 10, 1949, it can be nice people while making money. "My parents do not prohibit a trick, as long as that activity does not violate the rules of my religion and not against the norms of society," he said. Dewi Motik Adolescence is full of joy and happiness. Not only because middle class parents at the time, but more because of what he does not have excessive supervision from parents. His desire to learn a variety of ways, including juggling over, causing many to mention his over acting.

Since that age, Dewi Motik is already showing leadership and initiative in the midst of his friends. He liked because he could fight for the interests of his friends, as well as his relative could lend money or treats his friends were. Not a few who hate it, but a reason to hate it, especially since Dewi Motik have many advantages. Including excess sympathetic won many friends male classmates. Often Dewi Motik attitude no matter the circumstances, he saw the man just the same as women, have a brain, have the energy, and callous.

Not only the wnita who often can not compete with him, but also her male friends. Moreover, Dewi Motik be descendants of Palembang, have a smooth white skin. His figure is tall, slim comes with an attractive movement and not excessive, making it the center of attention whenever he is present at a meeting. Her beauty was more complete with long hair that until now maintained. That is why the Association of Students Jakarta in 1968, chose as the Queen Dewi Motik Flexible. Then natural that many men are close, and tested the ability won her over. However, for him, the attitude of male friends is a golden opportunity that should be utilized. Then, he offered them to positive activities. Of course, many of those who are obedient.

Although they include a rich family, but his father wanted to see her live independently. Can do anything that is positive. My father named Dewi Motik Motik Basyaruddin Rahman, an import export business

famous in his day. He does not prohibit seeking money Dewi Motik. He was very supportive of all kinds of activities Dewi Motik origin related to the progress and independence. Such a practice is a lot to give color to the self Dewi Motik, the fourth child of nine siblings. When Dewi Motik learn English at the embassy of France, his father was thrilled. That's excess Dewi Motik, in his youth, was able to speak in English, though the pronunciation is still a lot wrong.

Learning from his father's attitude, Dewi Motik not agree on the parents who forbid their children earn money. "What's wrong, while the School, also looking for money?" Said Dewi Motik, children will grow faster if his chosen field was very unpopular. He suggests, parents should choose a field of activity also liked their children.

When Dewi Motik age of 17, he got a shipment of Youth magazine "Seventeen" from his brother (Kemala Motik) is another study in the United States. In the magazine, Dewi Motik see a very interesting shoe design. Arising out of ideas to make it, then, he searches for cobbler. Incidentally behind the high school (SMA Setia Budi example) there is a shoemaker. After knowing how much it cost. Dewi Motik took his savings and provide capital to the shoemaker's. With Ro capital. 2500 a pair, Dewi Motik successfully sold dozens of shoes to his friends at a price of Rp. 5000 a pair. He was excited, because the design is chosen high school friends liked her. He is proud that the calculation is correct and gets hit fairly well.

At home, Dewi Motik like to help her mother cook. They cook the cake together. Ibu Dewi Motik often met with the wives of embassy employees, especially the United States embassy. Of the mothers, Mrs. Dewi Motik gain experience and also get some materials that delicious cake. One time, the embassy asked for a delicious cake, Dewi Motik exploit that opportunity. After obtaining the capital, he does it. The result Dewi Motik get the money. His mother was not angry.

Cooking activity is done continuously. This also causes Dewi Motik elected as Chairman of the Sub Consortium Business Catering and Cooking Department of Education (1984 - 1987; 1987 to 1990). Furthermore, in almost the same Dewi Motik elected as Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Culinary Center (1987-1999). Dewi Motik habit to work and earn their own money, continues to grow. When the second fair Jakarta, he became one of the guard booth at the fair was. His parents allow it.

In 1970, Dewi Motik Rawamangun began studying at the Teachers' Training College. He majored in education, because of her profession is a noble profession. Moreover, his father had been a teacher in the Garden of Students. When the teachers are very respected in the community. On campus, Dewi Motik habit never goes out. She sells cakes and shoes to the residents and visitors to campus. After completing BA, Dewi Motik deepen their knowledge to the United States. He took the Department of Fine Arts Florida International University, Miami, USA (1971-1974).

He migrated to the land of the capital take and give. If you do not have money enough to pay attention or greeting. See you guard, there's nothing wrong if in the given address. From Indonesia, Dewi Motik bring a souvenir as a gift to roang people there. He felt that he was a stranger in Uncle Sam's country. Below souvenirs include: Bali sculpture, jewelry from bone, beads.

Her friends all love the dorm and want to get the gifts. Purchased at any price they want. The desire of people Bule's an opportunity for Dewi Motik. His brain began to spin. He was a walk to the shops that sell things like jewelry from Asia from Indonesia. He saw in the sale of souvenir Filipinos and Thailand, many are similar. Dewi Motik buy the stuff, then change its shape slightly to look like from Indonesia, and in selling to the Caucasians, Caucasians are "crazy" Indonesia's jewelry.

In college he opened the exhibition of jewelry items. Called "Oriental Bazaar". The crowd was booming, a lot of incoming orders. The event was very successful. Of this exhibition and bazaar Dewi Motik certainly get a lot of money.

When the holiday season arrives. Dewi Motik looking busy life, he became a servant in one family in the United States. He wanted to feel how to be a waitress. Their whole life he was always accompanied by a helper. Occasionally there is desire to feel how to be servants. He worked as a baby sitter in one family there.

Besides, Dewi Motik also been a waitress at Howard Johson Restaurant. There he gained experience of how Americans prepare food. What food they enjoy doing so, be a valuable experience for Dewi Motik. More than that, he also received money. With that money, a vacation to Europe (within the budget of the father), can be extended up to Mexico. When his father knew this, of course, surprised his father.

There is an interesting story when Dewi Motik be working as a waitress at Howard Johnson's Restaurant. He does not have a Social Security Number (SSN). Getting it must be tested first. Dewi Motik lazy to follow the procedure because it is still necessary and the cost is not necessarily pass. With high capital posture and white skin color he tried to blend in Cuba ranks of those who like himself. Cuba considered those who are experienced and must have a SSN, that's what caused Dewi Motik away from the examination, can work and get a decent dollar.

Dewi Motik had 4 years in the U.S., he drew a lot of science there, he also got a lot of valuable experience. This time interval is much influence on his life after that. In 1974 he returned to the country. He helped his father, continuing the import-export business. Dewi Motik for the first time as a trader of cement. At that time there has been no cement plant in Indonesia. He also became a car dealer and the Datsun brand bicycle dealer.

Years 1974-1975, Dewi Motik be an agent of cement. To take the cement, he met Mr. onggok pacing of the Snow Queen to Pluit PT. Premises clothing blue jeans and driving a pickup truck, Dewi Motik into the sale of the Korean cement. Mean that there are ethnic Chinese. Dewi Motik considered to be China. He also was pretending to be Chinese. Because he was doing during Ramadan fasting, then he called China a new convert to Islam. At that time he was a little sad to hear the term.

In its activities as a merchant, Dewi Motik still took him join the union activities of the Indonesian Women. Chamber of Commerce also. Her father then left the import-export business, moved into the house rental business. So Dewi Motik should concentrate more on areas of export-import it.

Apparently the above activities have not been enough for Dewi Motik, he also set aside time to teach at the institution's Graduate Women Ikaran Indonesia. Later, in several other places he also taught. "Unfortunately if the science is not divided on other people," he said.

The impact of the mind and his attitude. Dewi Motik demand as a speaker in many forums. Hundreds of times he was a speaker at various seminars. He is usually to review the issue of entrepreneurship, independence, ethical fashion, etc.. Even once he was asked by the Embassy of the Netherlands to

attending a seminar in Curasao, Latin America, the former Dutch colony. They left there for 36 hours. Exhausted. Curasao arrived at five o'clock in the morning local time.

In co
nnection with Dewi Motik appearance as a speaker at various forums, require that he wear clothes with interesting models and advanced. As a result he became a role model. Before that, in 1974, Dewi Motik been crowned as the Top Model of The Year by the Foundation for development mode.

1976, with his brother Dewi Motik Kemala Motik, perform a very important breakthrough for his people. They set up a forum for women entrepreneurs. They call the Association of Women Entrepreneurs Indonesia (IWAPI). Through these institutions, they want to establish cooperation among women entrepreneurs Indonesia. In addition, they also try to improve their skills as entrepreneurs, while taking more of the other women to work and earn a living and trying to expand employment opportunities for others.

Busy life as a businessman, its activity as a teacher, and his duties as head of the organization, requires Dewi Motik always try to prepare something before the event or events occur. He began to get used to the work schedule, work plan, make writing papers and written explanations. These new habits, led him to become a writer. Then from his hand, get out a paper. The first; Love my Lord (a collection of poems). Second, the polite manners. Dress and social ethics in general, is the third book.

He claimed that rampungya writing, it is assisted by two fellow journalists, Titi Juliasih of Pearl and Mary Zein from Reuters. For him, the reporter is very meaningful. He is like Ajinomoto in our food. Without journalists with their written works of life it has not been fitted. For his comments, he got a sack Ajinomoto posts. Dewi Motik still able to set aside time to write in many media, at Pelita, Surabaya Post, Family, Femina and some other media.

Activities as a businessman, as a teacher and lecturer, activist organizations, author and columnist for several media, causing Dewi Motik widely recognized by all levels of society. Several years later, an agency menobatkannya as Ideal Career Wania 1977. Four years later, he was named the women's popular. Taking pleasure good and decent clothes every day, encouraging him to write on the ethics of dress, and because the activities he was also voted best dressed woman in 1983. Six years after that. Dewi Motik voted best dressed woman executive.

Dewi Motik keep the layout very polite, he hold the hard work from early morning until midnight. If it's tired, he can sleep anywhere, provided they do not interfere with the situation. He claimed to be able to sleep soundly when he was on a flight from Amsterdam-Singapore.

Now, she and her beloved husband is very happy with the two sons of their daughters. The first child named Moza class III SMA is the second child is a class I Adimza SMP Al Azhar. Her husband, Pramono Soekasno, known since they were still in high school, through Barata Homecoming event. Solo chunky derivative works in Pertamina. They were dating for 9 years and finally married May 9, 1975.

In 1977, Dewi Motik became Chairman IWAPI Jaya. The trick to lead women entrepreneurs in the capital is down approach. If there is pain management and members. Dewi Motik invite others to visiting. Similarly, if there is a private event management and members, the other must come. The next approach is to conduct a meeting at the home or place of business of the board or members. This is important, that in coming to have the honor because people come to his house or his place of business. Direct the Board received a report on the development and members of business weakness. Another advantage: the cost of meeting the load does not enter the organization.

At the age of 33, 1982. Dewi Motik IWAPI elected as Chairman. In leading the organization, he does not like angry, but very sad that the younger generation is not willing to learn and joy, just relax. Many young people in the eyes of Dewi Motik somewhat less attention to design their future.

For example, he was sad at the younger generation who worked as a contractor's 4-story building IWAPI. Building worth 750 million was not done properly. Tehelnya not straight, curved ceiling is too much. Concrete corners look less tidy, the paint is uneven.

"And this building is the center of IWAPI, education and training center IWAPI, also a co-operative operates IWAPI. If they do not succeed in this building, how other people can entrust their new building yet, "said Dewi Motik little emotion.

After graduating from the Teachers' Training College in 1985, immediately take the S2 Dewi Motik 1988 he was elected as Vice Chairman of the Central Chamber of Commerce. He was the only woman there. He did not feel uncomfortable, because for him the same man or woman. This value also applies to their families, the position of men with women. Heroine who became his idol no. That he admired only the Prophet Muhammad. If any figure Kartini, his prowess was really only in his reasoning, says Dewi Motik. According to him, Kartini has the advantage to predict what will happen to the future, such as Alvin Tofler the seer of the United States.

Important event in the history of entrepreneurship Dewi Motik, occurs when the Group of Indonesia's Trade Delegation to leave for Europe. The delegation led by Minister Prof. Dr. Soemarlin, Dewi Motik go see the garment factories in the city of Manchester, England. He saw such a garment factory materials can also be made in Indonesia. Upon his return from there he went straight to build garment factories in their empty land in Pulogadung (1981), PT Arrish Rulan. Companies that produce these jeans and jacket standing on the land area of ​​5,000 m2, employs a staff of 700 people.

Seven years later he was with his family to another to build a second garment factory in Tanjung Priok (PT Fauzi Dewi Motik). PT has a staff of 300 people. The building is a warehouse that is not used before. Its land is 5000 m2.

On business activities that, coupled with its activity as a speaker at various forums, and his writings. President Gen (r) Soeharto, on behalf of the government handed over the award to Dewi Motik as "Young People Who Work". Right at the top of the anniversary of Youth Pledge Ceremony, October 28, 1988 at Jakarta Convention Center.

More and more business, more intensive activities, he also benefited more and more, but he felt something was not right. He thought not good enough if only to accept it, should give also intensified. Then, on the 40th anniversary of the 1989, Dewi Motik founded De Mono. An institution of vocational education and entrepreneurship are complete.

Together Arleen Djohan hero, SH preparing all school purposes. Exact birthday, 10 May 1989, De Mono-storey building IV was inaugurated by the Minister of Trade of Indonesia, DR Arifin Siregar. At that time many famous entrepreneurs are present, such as Bob Sadiro, etc.. Too many artists in attendance, the show itself is guided Justin Hendratmo. Of course, most of the board IWAPI come.

Subjects at these institutions include: practical work in pioneering the opening of business on trade and economics, leadership, entrepreneurship, marketing, taxation, banking, psychology, etc.. Subjects, the event passed to-face with leading national business and leadership of state banks and private.

De Mono's name is an abbreviation of its name and the name of her husband. De-wi Motik and Pre-mono. And the term De Mono is the name of Dewi Motik in love every time I send a letter to his ex-girlfriend Pramono decades ago.

The idea of ​​founding De Mono at first arising before Dewi Motik often gets a love letter. Many scholars have asked for her job. Even many parents who love their children Nitip look for a job. Initially happy to help find work. "But after a long time is not good anymore, overwhelmed," uangkapnya upset.

Dewi Motik once gave a lecture in the middle of 200 degree of unemployment. "I was moved to find work for them, but what works, and what could they do?" Dewi Motik muttered to myself. In IWAPI

the experience to educate mothers to become small entrepreneurs. "If mothers could RT alone, the scholars still can not?" Whispered Dewi Motik strengthen founded his school of entrepreneurship.

De Mono has been released nearly 1000 people alumni. Most have been successfully established himself as well. They are frequently invited to inaugurate the opening of Dewi Motik their efforts. "It is for my own happiness when I'm inaugurated the alumni of De mono pioneering effort," said Dewi Motik full of pride.

The key to success as an entrepreneur by Dewi Motik, should be able to change the mental first. After that, dare to take risks. Then, the risk is minimized. To that end, must continually look for opportunities, and Action "If the bump on his left cheek, right cheek love. If you've seen the walls do not crush the head. If you also want, that's stupid, "said Dewi Motik. Start something with positivie thinking and have success belief is that values ​​are always taught to their students Dewi Motik.

The end of September 1991 before, Dewi Motik Anniversary Commemoration Committee was asked by HP PLSM that the XIV to speak in front of the leaders in the House YTKI PLSM.

According to Dewi Motik, there are two core entrepreneurship. First, it must have the identity, confident of his own abilities, not knowing which way to go, not lazy, not quick-tempered, and hard work. Second, innovation / creative, have the courage to start, capable of generating a new one.

If you already have the core of entrepreneurship, says Dewi Motik lecture moderated by the Chairman of the HP PLSM it, then obey the following guidelines. Make a program that is simple, practical and clear. Prepare all the strategies and tips. Action as soon as possible. Do not forget to cooperation with others. Once in a while so the men, want to hear other people. Learning by doing. Anticipate all the symptoms of change, not static. Self-discipline, consistent. To solve the problem, berfikirlah alternately from micro to macro or vice versa.

In the course of his life. Dewi Motik always feel joy and sorrow in turns. "That's life," he said. He claimed that he had so many problems encountered daily. He always took the attitude of calm. Then think to find the best solution. But as good-great risk he faced he never flinched, he is only scared of God.

When he was in grade school, he was forced to bring a bloody corpse. Because of his relatives died in the crash semobil trip with him. He faced the situation, and he himself escaped from the accident. It's a pretty terrifying experience is burned into his memory. In any situation, anywhere, anything fatal could happen to us, he said. "The envy, the hatred, the anger and the wish to harm our chances there, but if we have surrendered to God, why do we have to fear?" Said Dewi Motik. After all our lives, our abilities, is on loan from God, says Dewi Motik to preach. "If there is a problem, immediately report the Lord and quickly make a decision, that's a good habit," he said.

Two years ago, the garment export quotas barred the U.S., he suffered a loss. Then with the other garment entrepreneurs they work with governments to find solutions. Now there was no quota problems again. "To succeed, we must be creative and develop a simple and practical concept, continued action," said Dewi Motik expressed kitanya achieve success. "Let's not complicated, tired, do not be too long, opportunities can be lost," the message to people who ask what is needed to start trying.

The new blocking events, the publication of post cards with words that really hurt him. His picture was placed on the post card, accused of being anti-labor wage increases by an American. Faced with this, Dewi Motik take a calm attitude. Because, he did not understand what was meant by the Americans. Is this a global political issue or personal problem, not clear. Until now, Dewi Motik not yet know what the purpose of making the post card, and who merekayasanya. Many people who advised him to court. However, Dewi Motik still take a calm attitude. "This is not a business opportunity, so do not need the action quickly," he said to testify.

Eventually he brought the matter to court after thoughtless. Many officials want to stand behind him yet, because the American'm sorry, Dewi Motik plan cancellation charges. "People who apologized to forgive," said Dewi Motik, quoting words of a prophet.

The only thing that most membahagiaan Dewi Motik life is to bear children. "That's the peak of happiness I've ever felt," he said.

Dewi Motik is a person who likes pragmatic, practical love. He is now wrestle S2 Strategy Program at the UI. In relation to a practitioner he was eager to learn practical concepts. Guerrilla warfare such as a scientific concept in the field

the military is very practical, not theoretical. Often do Hit and Run. His friends in college, the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and Colonel of the armed forces. Do not be surprised if Dewi Motik now wrestle with the books of Mao Tse Tung, Nasution Book on Guerrilla War.

Dewi Motik principle, if you see someone else do something different do not be jealous. "We must learn to be able to get; as they get. The education system in the department of defense, for example, gives good results. The majority of the nation's best leaders are born out of military education. We do not envy. We make the same, we work hard and improve discipline, "he said. Dewi Motik statement is true. If observed, the national leadership recruitment system, that many came from the military. Their advantages, among others, not adventurous, able to think systematically, had a vision, strong physical endurance, and have a sense of a joke (a sense of humor). Dewi Motik days are filled with busyness, always begins with reading the newspaper in the morning. "I was nervous if not read the newspaper in the morning," he said. Other hobbies: watching TV and swimming. If the holiday season, Dewi Motik family are on holiday abroad. If there is a meeting or conference in Bali, for example, Dewi Motik also often invite family over there, all the holidays.

Dewi Motik admitted her husband is quite understanding. For him, busy, busy wife, when her husband is always appreciated and gave the sense, there would be no problem. Nevertheless, the character who most often appears in mass media, revealed: there are no husbands and wives are matched 100%.

Among all kinds of activities with family problems, often contradictory. Sometimes, every person required to make a choice. If the same facts Dewi Motik encountered in their everyday lives, it performs the priority scale. For example, when an important meeting in his office, when, at the same time his mother reported sick, and will be operated, Muhammadiyah activists should choose to leave an important meeting regarding career. Therefore, the position of her parents is everything. While the meeting could still happen, or the risk is not as bad as if he was not visiting his mother.

Conversely, when a sick child, when he had led the Indonesian delegation that attended the meeting of women entrepreneurs in India, Dewi Motik choose Off to a meeting which was opened by the Prime Minister of India, the late Indira Gandhi's. Not because of heart or do not love children, but it is discussed first with her husband,

after he agreed to perform the task and left the country in expanding the horizons of Indonesia's women entrepreneurs.

Dewi Motik reason why pursue the world of education

1 Teaching, lecturing, writing - and the entrepreneurial world, because the nation Indonesia is lagging behind when compared with developed countries, in various fields, "Competition is getting tougher, the world of knowledge and technology develop rapidly. We have to run faster and faster, "he said.

The trick according to Dewi Motik: improved education and should be made free of charge, for educational strata of our society is relatively evenly distributed. Finally, they could make a living themselves without having to hold the title of unemployment first, he added. To tackle unemployment, he said, while enhancing economic growth, the entrepreneurial world have intensified continuously. The people must be encouraged to create jobs for themselves and for others, added Dewi Motik. According to him, to build the economy of a nation better start small, then pushed into a major. That's all, said Dewi Motik, highly dependent on the government's political will.

Dewi Motik take the example of the U.S. and Japan, they were very interested in helping small business owners, whether capital, legal protection and various other incentives. Dewi Motik admitted that Indonesia has the same policy, Small Business Credit (KUK), for example, but it is, there should be improvement and consistency.

The election of Indonesia as an Executive Summit Non-Aligned countries, according to Dewi Motik is a sign that Indonesia including safe country in Southeast Asia. He said: It is an opportunity, because many foreign countries are not so familiar with Indonesia, boro-boro willing to invest. Each investment requires thorough planning, in addition to the above safety factors, natural resources, markets, labor, etc. is also noteworthy. "Labor unions are a force or of a business enterprise or industry," said Dewi Motik. Therefore, he continued, employees must be given the necessary attention, if not the company where workers could be corrupted the program's work.

Dewi Motik was unusually busy. In his capacity as Director of Restaurant Manari - theaterical first and largest restaurant in Jakarta - with previous food service experience. Dewi Motik IKABOGA elected as Chairman of the period 1990 to 1993. In the recent Festival Istiqlal, Dewi Motik including one of the organizers and executors designer. "Breath of Islam

is the breath of the most fundamental influence on the development in Indonesia, "he gave the reason that his involvement in the festival. Islam is a breath of activities the activity that was involved Dewi Motik daily. In fact, it also includes the leadership of the Foundation Motik

2. A foundation that manages the Al Rahman School (kindergarten and elementary Islam in Brass). The purpose of this foundation: Sharia law in the field of education to the nation.

In order to improve education Young women, as well as developing the tourism sector and other businesses. Dewi Motik since 1981, founded Yayasan Putri Ayu. This foundation had, has organized

11 times the beautiful daughter of the race battling for the trophy Ibu Tien Suharto. Winners to 11, in 1991, was a student of a prestigious institute in Jakarta. Next year, if there is no barrier in the way, she's Dayak descent - the interior tribes of Borneo - will follow Miss Universe in Bangkok.

While implementing all of it, expansions in the field of business, as a self-employed practitioners, Dewi Motik kept going looking for business opportunity, make money and expand employment. 1991, Dewi Motik cooperation with the Ministry of Transmigration manage Agro Business in South Sumatra, home of his ancestors. Businesses financed by the World Bank, managing the PIR in the form of an update of 5000 Ha. Dewi Motik kept running, educate, explore business opportunities, provide job opportunities for others, for his devotion to the motherland. Congratulations for BU GODDESS.

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