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Henry Ford was born on July 30, 1863. He put his school at age 5 by her mother. When will he have to go jogging to school within about 2 ½ miles it. And the same distance back home in the dark had fallen, I got home. With so he had to bring lunch from home for lunch at school. Three years later he was transferred to another school by their parents but still within the same distance.

From a young Henry has been paying great attention to the various machines. It is very worried about her father. His father, William Ford wanted his son would become a farmer or a large and successful trader because he himself was a descendant of a farmer. However, Hendry is not interested in agriculture. His passion for machines that often made it difficult sometimes, because he had to resist the will of his father. One day a farmer came to the school Henry as he got angry. He complained to the teacher at the school, and told several people about the behavior of school pupils. They were led by Henry to stem a small river running through farm fields have been farmers.

The dam resulted in the river to a standstill and resulted in flooding that is not frivolous. The teacher immediately turned around and said to Henry, "What kind of work it, Henry?", The teacher asked angrily. "Why, ee" Hendry said without the dismissive, "We do not do anything and flooded fields, we just build a dam to contain the water in order to conduct experiments for the water mill coffee mill. The father can see how powerful a tool that works ". Henry evasive.

Necessarily the teacher was angry and mengukum Henry. Then told the other disciples, "You must learn to respect the community, and help him. Do not I always told so every time you going home? (The irritation is pronounced the teacher to entertain the farmer who was angry. But he was interested in the work already done by his students).

After the experiment above is considered quite successful, Hendry became more determined to learn ways of working machines. In school one day, during lessons, in progress, he proudly told his friends about the machines he knew. His friends became interested and crowded around him resulted in impaired learning. His teacher suddenly came into the midst of the crowd. "Henry", barked furiously and looked at his teacher with the his disciples, "Have you never tried to learn how good? What's the point you came to this school. Ha? Now you have to live with Henry in later lessons after class. "

His teacher gave them a machine that has been damaged first. "You have to fix this machine!" Snarled his teacher. "If you can not fix it, you'll be punished again." However, Henry deftly working the machine in just a period of less than 10 minutes immediately completed. His teacher so amazed at the talent these students.

Skills in the field of engineering that he began to make known. He often fix the machines of its neighbors. Many people are amazed at Henry's talent, but his father hates the job. William Ford wanted his son to be a good farmer. But it can not be averted in connection Henry had a great willingness in this field.

After rising up, and feel able to live independently. Henry asked for the blessing to his parents to try to live migrate. He walked to the city of Detroit. In this city he found work at a factory. He earns $ 2.50 a week. But he must pay 3.50 dollars for the cost of living in the same time. So to cover the shortfall, he added an extra job as a waitress at a jewelry store. From this store he receives 2.00 dollars.

Nine months he worked at the factory, while being a waiter at a jewelry store when I got home from work at the factory.

One day, suddenly he heard about his father's illness. Henry asks his father to come home soon. Henry can not do anything but fulfill his father's request. He must return to the farm!

While working as a farmer, Henry had the idea to create a kind of machine that can work as a plow in the fields. He did not approve of animals employed in the fields and gardens. They eat a lot. During the winter they do not work, but continued eating. Henry invented a machine that can work in the fields to replace the animals without having to constantly feed it. Findings was a very meaningful contribution to the creation of agricultural machines in the future. Many people are attracted to the idea. In addition, he also helped many of his neighbors have been gradually put the machine in their fields. Henry was so good people in this machinery, so that he became known as the only engineer in the area, it lasted for several years.

Because they can not leave the farm during his father's illness. Then he noticed a lot of problems and deficiencies suffered by the farmers. He concluded that farmers do not need to pay a lot of work 24 days a year to produce food. Henry said to his neighbors, "When the time for plowing, cultivating the land and reap better, farmers must use machinery or mechanization. Besides the job done faster, it can also provide a fair wage. Fields that can be processed by means of mechanization and will reduce the cost of operations, in addition to work done by the right, the farmers can also enjoy the fruits of his field with a decent income. "

Henry Ford created the first agricultural machinery when he was 20 years old. The first trial of the machine that looks weird. It is only able to move 40 feet and then suddenly stopped. "I expect this machine is able to plow all the fields in a short time," said Henry, "But this discovery does not have the power of meaning". The first tractor was still waiting for other discoveries in the country, namely the use of fuel.

Meanwhile, Henry Ford enjoyed a sweet girl in another city. But nice girls do not like it. Henry thought about how to solve that problem. He bought a set of legerdemain and borrowed a horse belonging to his father's sweet. Then he made a cloak of satin fabric. Subsequently set up a group home near magic Clara Bryant, a charming young girl's heart. Working on a vest with a sweet, and lots of pockets, is also a clock made by himself and two handkerchiefs, Henry showed his skill in magic. Henry

hold two performances are always exciting at the time. It is at once he wanted to achieve, to conquer the hearts of Clara Bryant who originally did not like him.

"Mother" Clara Bryant says to his mother one morning, "I think a man named Ford who entered the show with his friend next door, I'm sure he'll be famous in the world."

Henry did not waste that opportunity. A few weeks later he went to his father and said, "Dad, in case I decide to marry, what to give to my father?" William Ford thought for a moment then said, "You'll get the eighty-acre (1 acre equal to 4072 m2) of land , all pekayuan do you want you can cut your own for a home. "All right", cheers Henry. Then he began cutting down trees on land that is given by his father. In part to be prepared to establish a home for the family later. Finally, what he wants to marry Clara reached. Henry and Clara were married in 1888 Apil. They live by working the fields for three years in his father's administration. One night Henry said to his wife, "Clara, I'm sure we will be more successful, if we could move to Detroit. I will make a carriage there. Here I was too busy! "Henry then explained to his wife about his ideas to create a vehicle powered by an engine.
In Detroit he found work at the company's light "Edison" at night, while during the day he made his horse to run trains. For two years he has not been able to create a carriage horse to run. He has spent many hours in his shop are made of simple bricks, while the surrounding neighbors saw acted, thought Henry was crazy.

"A horse-drawn carriage!?" They said, "If you will move if Henry did not push it". But Henry Ford remained in his mind. Henry did not stop working in his shop. He shed all its attention with full concentration on his idea. "He's doing what's dumb?" Said the people who saw Henry's behavior. Then they douse it with water. Henry Ford could not do anything, he was in very poor condition.

One morning in 1893 a horse-drawn carriage, ready to be tested. With strong determination and a steely deft Henry Ford started operating the train, which is stun and smoke are steaming in the air. The train rolled from the factory to the street. But not much running. Just a few feet from the garage to move suddenly died, and the winding can not because it has no rudder. But the train's engine back to life so now Henry has to prove to the people around him who had been considered funny, dumb, and stupid, now is not the case.

That night, Henry was the designer of the train were very satisfied and happy with its findings. The work was celebrated with a glass of hot milk, then slammed his shirt soaked with sweat it into the fire, then jumped into bed. To enjoy a beautiful dream for the first time after leaving the farm.

When the train creations tested a second time, she took part, namely as a passenger. It caused a sensation of their creativity? Some of the horses suddenly startled, then ran at full speed is not necessarily the direction, when the train was passing nearby Henry. Cried the voice kereka raises a sensitizing the ear, the rigors Lantara. Suddenly the train stopped because the engine died.

The people saw the absurdity of it at once invaded, surrounding objects that they had never seen before. They immediately cheered, some feel amazed, but most of the show anxiety. A large number of them complained about the noise generated by trains causing the strange noise and commotion. Because it is very dirty and looked and looked dangerous. They said that it will inevitably lead to disaster, in connection with it can not be controlled. He can only run straight up the hill and jump over cliffs. They advise that Henry Ford was dismissed just a job. But the "inventor" it said, "This train should run and run", but it must be repaired, they said. Ford replied spontaneously "Nowadays I do not have the funds and do not have connections that can help me. All I think about now is how to create an "automobile". For years Henry thought, how he could improve the results of his work. Thus he was able to show the world that he has improved a great and strong capital, a result of his ideas was initially considered to be crazy.

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