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Lately, Chairul entrepreneur is a person whose name most often mentioned when talking about the new map large employers nationwide. He is often mentioned as a rising star. Employers Group is the owner of the business had a spectacular leap just when the economy was hit by the crisis. Great leap begins when he decides to take over ownership in 1996 and Bank Mega. Thanks to the cold hand, small banks and ailing who previously managed by a group Bappindo was then transformed into a large and respected bank. At the end of this bank was an important pillar in supporting the building of the Group. Two other pillars are the Trans TV and Bandung Supermall.

As being a successful entrepreneur who is now rare, Chairul among his close friends are often dubbed as The Last of The Mohicans. This designation refers to a famous Hollywood movie titles a few years ago that tells the story of the conquest of the white against the Indians in the United States there. On

finally, the original which had been the ruler of the landowners and it then became increasingly marginalized and rare figure. Her name smells just as the joke that is fixed or not important.

Chairul clearly not classified as entrepreneurs "sudden" success thanks to the ingenuity to build a closeness to the ruler. Started the business gait while studying at the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Indonesia, ten years later he has had a business group called The Group. The group is built starting from the capital obtained from the Exim Bank of Rp 150 million. Together with three other colleagues, he founded the children's shoe factory that all its products are exported. "With the provision of credit I bought 20 Butterfly brand sewing machine," he said one day to the Executive.

Now the businessman born June 16, 1962 was a successful figure very busy. When the executive asked for the opportunity for an exclusive interview, he admitted hassles to choose the right time. Understandably, in addition to minding the business, he also has a myriad of community activities. Before elected as chairman of the PB PBSI some time ago, Chairul has been active in various social organizations such as PMI, Indonesian Humanitarian Committee, member of the Board of Trustees University of Indonesia

and so on. "Now my time is more than 50% I devote to social activities," he said. (Figures Indonesia, Executive No Repro. 269)

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