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Ciputra. He was the pioneer of modern property business in Indonesia and the founder and first chairman of REI (association Indonsia real estate company), so nicknamed Mr. Real estate Indonesia. Ciputra Indonesia is also the first person believed to be the World President of FIABCI, the employers' organization realestast internasional.Bagi consumers property, Ciputra has become a brand name that promises quality products as well as prospects for profitable investment. Among businesspeople property, Ciputra synonymous with business giants who frequent references as well as competitors.

Ciputra great works are so diverse, because almost all sub-sectors dijamahnya property. He now controls five business groups Jaya, Metropolitan, Pondok Indah, Bumi Serpong Damai, and Ciputra Development, each of which has a core business in the property sector. New urban projects are now a total of 11 pieces spread across Greater Jakarta, Surabaya, and in Vietnam with an area of ​​land cover 20,000 acres more. To-11 new town is the Earth Serpong Damai, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Puri Jaya, CitraRaya Nuance City Arts, City Park Bintaro Jaya, Pondok Indah, Beautiful Image, Garden City Metropolitan, CitraRaya Surabaya, Sidoarjo New Town, and Citra Westlake City in Hanoi, Vietnam. Commercial property projects, is also very classy and a trend setter in its field. Moreover, projects are also a magnet for growth in the surrounding area. Ciputra pioneered a business trip since he was a student of architecture Bandung Institute of Technology. Together with Ismail Sofyan and Budi Brasali, college friends, around 1957 established PT Ciputra Notices Resources. Architect's third student, has been awarded a contract for the period was quite a job, compared to other similar companies. Projects they are working with, among others, a bank buildings in Banda Aceh. Ciputra in 1960 graduated from ITB. To Jakarta ... We have to go to Jakarta, because there are many jobs, he told Islamil Sofyan and Budi Brasali.

This decision is a milestone that determines the way of life Ciputra and his colleagues were. With the PT flag Perentjaja Djaja IPD, who was shot Ciputra prestigious project is the construction of berbelanjaan center in the region Monday. In many ways, Ciputra Jakarta is trying to meet the Governor at that time, Dr. R. Soemarno, to offer a proposal.

Tit for tat. Meeting with Soemarno then followed up by establishing PT Jaya Development, after the first convened by President Soekarno. After the shopping center Monday, Ciputra monumental project in the next Jaya Ancol Dreamland and Bintaro Jaya.Melalui company 40% owned by the government of Jakarta is Ciputra showed his class as well entrepreuneur reliable professional to pull existing resources into the power of big business. Jaya Group, founded in 1961 with capital of Rp. 10 million, now has total assets of about Rp. 5 trillion. With the support of lobbying capabilities, Ciputra also gradually developed a network of companies outside the Jaya, the Metropolitan Group, Group Pondok Indah, Bumi Serpong Damai Group, and the last is the Ciputra Group. The total number of subsidiaries of the group of five over a hundred, as a subsidiary of the Group Jaya only 47 and a subsidiary of the Metropolitan Group 54.Mengenai achieve this, Ciputra jokingly said: If your child of ten, we can still remember the name of each . But if more than that, the numbers were even more difficult to remember. Facility is the third element of the 10 factors that determine customer satisfaction. Consumers should be satisfied with the provision of public facilities and social amenities more. But the facility does not have to be built at once in the early stages of development. 
If the facility was built more direct, high prices will direct. It will not provide benefits to its first purchaser, but also a huge risk for the developer. Ciputra has stakes in five business groups (Group Jaya, Metropolitan Group, Group Pondoh Beautiful, Bumi Serpong Damai Group and Ciputra Group). Of five business groups, the Ciputra not cover that in fact he first put his loyalty to Jaya. First, because it is almost identical with Jaya. From here starts a business network properties. Since the company was formed in 1961, Ciputra sits in the ranks of directors for 35 years: the first 3 years as a director and 32 years as president, until he resigned in 1996 and became commissioner last active. Second, is the fact that after the government of Jakarta, Ciputra is the largest shareholder in Jaya. PT Metropolitan Development is a company that in 1970 he forms with Ismail Sofyan, Budi Brasali, and several other partners. The third is a business group Ciputra Group Pondok Indah (PT Metropolitan Kencana) which is a joint venture between PT Metropolitan

Development and PT K. Kencana Sudwikatmono and Sudono Salim's. This group, among others, developed the Pondok Indah Housing and Pantai Indah Kapuk. The fourth business group is PT Bumi Serpong Damai, which was founded early 1980's. The company is a consortium of 10 leading employers - such as Sudono Salim, Eka Tjipta Widjaja, Sudwikatmono, Ciputra Group Jaya - who develop projects Bumi Serpong Damai Independent Cities of 6,000 acres, BSD toll road project - Bintaro Pondok Indah, and Damai Indah golf course Golf. Ciputra Group is the fifth business group. This business group originated from Indonesia PT Citra Habitat, which is recognized in early 1990 the entire stock and renamed the Ciputra Development (CD). Ciputra be dirutnya and sixth ranks of directors is filled by children and son-Ciputra. Ciputra Development latter growth was outstanding compared to four other business groups Ciputra.  
With the youngest age, it is the first CD to go public in the capital markets in March 1994. Just a few months later following Jaya Real Property. Total assets in December 1996 and the CD ranges from Rp. 2.85 billion, with earnings in the same year reached Rp. 131.44 billion. CD now has four large-scale projects: Housing 455 Ha image, CitraRaya Shades of Art in Tangerang City area of ​​1000 Ha, Ha 1000 CitraRaya Surabaya, and Citra Indah Jonggol. 1000 Ha. Not to mention the projects he developed hotels and shopping malls, such as Ciputra Hotel and Mall, as well as the super block area of ​​14.5 hectares in Brass Jakarta. Ciputra Group Citra Westlake City is also developing 400 hectares of the Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Construction is projected for 30 years with a total investment of U.S. $ 2.5 billion. In addition, the CD also jump in the financial business through the Bank Ciputra, and business broker with Century 21 franchise. Since a few years ago, claimed the Fifth Ciputra group effort - especially for property projects - into a marketing alliance. The Alliance was originally given the name of the Pioneers, but has now been changed to the developer. "The name of the Pioneers seemed arrogant and oriented to their own interests," said Ciputra about the name change.

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