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Bob Sadino is one figure successful entrepreneur who started his business is really from the bottom and not from entrepreneurial families. Bob entrepreneurship as "destitute", after high school in 1953, he worked at Unilever and then entered the Faculty of Law of UI as carried away by his friends for several months. Later he worked at McLain and Coy Watson, since 1958 for 9 years wandering in Amsterdam and Hamburg.

Once married, Bob and his wife decided to stay in Indonesia and start the inconvenience to the poor living in that time his well-paid. This is because he is the principle that the family, men are the leaders, and he was determined to not be an employee and is under the command of people since that time he also worked for everything from taxi driver to his car tertubruk and destroyed, and construction laborers with a wage of Rp 100 per day.

One day a friend asked her to raise chickens to cope with his depression, from raising chickens he inspired that if they will be able to fight for live chickens, to achieve the target weight, and egg-laying, of course, any human being can, since that's when he began to entrepreneurship.

Initially as a chicken farmer, Bob sells eggs a few pounds per day with his wife. In one and a half years, he has many relations as maintaining the quality of merchandise, with the ability to speak a foreign language, he managed to get a customer the many foreigners who live in Kemang area, home to Bob when itu.Selama sell him and his wife often cursed by the customer and even by a servant.

But Bob soon realized if he is the giver of service and duty to give good service, since that's when she experienced a turning point in attitudes to life of a feudal servant, which he regarded as the capital of the extraordinary power he once had.

Bob's business has expanded into the supermarket, then he also sells salt, pepper, so be makanan.Om Bob was eventually extended to agribusiness, especially horticulture, managing the gardens contain many vegetable consumption of those Japan and Europe, he also formed a partnership with farmers in some areas to meet.

Bob believes that every step is always offset the failure of success, entrepreneurial journey is not as smooth as people think, and he often somersault somersault in his efforts. For him money is the number so, what is important is the willingness, commitment, and always able to find and willing to take chances.

Bob concluded that when implementing something our mind develops, plans do not always have the raw and stiff, what is in us is the development of what we have done. The world is too beautiful to be destroyed, only to be disappointed because someone does not, achieve something that many people already direncanakan.Kelemahan are too many thinkers make a plan so that it does not immediately move, what matters is action. Bob's success is inseparable from his ignorance that he was immediately plunged into the field, after experiencing the ups and downs, finally Bob skilled and master the art. Bob the success of the process is different from the prevalence of science always starts first, then practice and become skilled and professional.

Bob observed, many people start thinking of science advanced and versatile acting, to be arrogant, because they feel have knowledge than others. Uncle Bob was always flexible and willing to listen to customer suggestions and complaints, so that Bob won the sympathy of his customers and to create markets. According to Bob, the satisfaction of the customer is going to bring personal satisfaction to which he always tried his best to serve clients.

Bob considers that his company is a family, all family members must respect each other Kem, nothing major, it has the function and power of its own.

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