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Colonel Harland Sanders, born on September 9, 1890. Was active in the franchised (franchise) chicken business at the age of 65. Currently, efforts are known as Kentucky Fried Chicken or KFC ® has grown into one of the largest in the food service systems in the world. Colonel Sanders, a pioneer in the fast-food restaurant became a symbol of entrepreneurial spirit.

More than a billion chicken dinners are served annually Colonel. And not just in North America. Even available in nearly 80 countries around the world. At 6 years old, his father died. His mother could not work anymore, and young Harland had to keep his younger brother who was only 3 years old and baby sister. With this condition he had to cook for her family. At the age of 7 she was a good cook cook at several places. At age 10 he got his first job with a salary farm near $ 2 a month. When he was 12 years old his mother remarried and he left his home near Henryville, Ind.., To get a job in agriculture in the area of ​​Greenwood, Ind.

He alternated the job for several years, first as a parking at the age of 15 years in New Albany, Ind., And then as the age of 16 years in the army sent for 6 months in Cuba.

After that he became a fireman, studied law by correspondence, practiced in the courts, insurance, ferry operators, tire salesman and service station operator. At age 40, the Colonel began cooking for hungry travelers who stopped at his service station in Corbin, he has not had a restaurant at the time, but he presents his food on the dining table in the dining room in his shop.

More and more people are coming into place to eat, eventually he moved across the street to a motel and restaurant that seated 142 people. For nearly nine years he used a recipe made with basic cooking techniques to date.

Sander's image better. Governor Ruby Laffoon made him a Kentucky Colonel in 1935 for his contribution to the state's cuisine. And in 1939, Its existence was first listed in Duncan Hines

"Adventures in Good Eating."

In the early 1950s a new interstate highway was planned to bypass the city of Corbin. Viewing will end its business, Colonel closed the restaurant. After paying his bills, he received social security benefits on his $ 105.

Confident of the quality of fried chicken, the Colonel devoted himself to the franchise that began in 1952. He traveled across the country by car from restaurant to restaurant, cooking batches of chicken for restaurant owners and employees. If the reaction was favorable, he offered an agreement to obtain payment from each chicken sold. In 1964, Colonel Sanders had more than 600 franchised outlets for his chicken across America and Canada. In that year, he sold his interest from the U.S. company for $ 2 million to a group of investors including John Y. Brown Jr., Who later became governor of Kentucky from 1980 to 1984.Kolonel reminded to make his company is open to the public. In 1976, sebuan independent survey ranks the world as a world-famous celebrity. Under new owners, Kentucky Fried Chicken Corporation grew rapidly. It went public

On March 17, 1966, and listed on the New York Stock Exchange on January 16, 1969. More than 3,500 franchised and company-owned restaurants operating almost around the world when Heublein Inc.. acquired KFC Corporation on July 18, 1971 for $ 285 million.

Kentucky Fried Chicken became a subsidiary of RJ Reynolds Industries, Inc.. (Now RJR Nabisco, Inc.), When Heublein Inc.. acquired by Reynolds in

Of 1982. KFC was acquired in October 1986 from RJR Nabisco, Inc.. by PepsiCo, Inc., for approximately $ 840 million dollars. In January 1997, Pepsi Co., Inc.. announced spin-off of quick service restaurants - KFC, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut - into an independent restaurant company, Tricon Global Restorans, Inc. In May 2002, the company announced it received shareholder approval to change its corporate name to Yum! Brands, Inc. The company, which is owned by A & W All-American Food Restorans, KFC, Long John Silvers, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell restorans, is the world's largest restaurant company in the category of system units with a number close to 32.500 in over 100 countries and territories.

Until finally he was stricken with leukemia in 1980 at the age of 90 years, the Colonel traveled 250,000 miles a year visiting the KFC restaurants around the world.

And it's all done by a man aged 65 who use the social security money to start a business. Dreams to success does not have childhood dreams, it could be when age was dusk. This is the persistence of founder Colonel Sanders KFC's famous fried chicken franchise. He started at the age of 66, a retired army of a superpower, does not have any money except from old age allowances, which are running low. He has expertise in cooking, he offers cooking recipes to more than 1,000 restaurants in the country. Finally, the restaurant in 1008, received the recipe and now we can enjoy it in Indonesia, Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Colonel Sanders may very simple dream, to have a decent money to live in her old age, who lived for a while longer.

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